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Accord PC


Player: Lynden O'barr
Template: Vampire
Clan: Daeva
Covenant: Ordo Dracul
Bloodline: None
Cell: Hub City Hounds
City: Lafayette
VST: Adrian Steward

Character Information

Name: Frost

Creature Type:

  • Vampires
    • Daeva
      • Ordo Dracul

Notable Traits:

  • Frost tends to wear black Japanese style business suit, that is trimmed in red.
  • English is not his first language, but he does not speak with an accent.
  • Has a tendency to keep his arms to his side or behind his back.

Personality Traits:

  • Frost tends to be slow to answer, and is often thought of as too patient and tends to think before acting.
  • He also has an almost haunting grace.

Title or Position:

  • CEO of Umbrella Corp
  • Meister of Hub City Hounds


  • He may or may not have been involved amaranthine.

Rumors Only Vampires Would Know:

  • He is a member of Ordo Dracul.


  • This is the last night for one of us.

Frost's Notable Items

Items by SteelSoul

  • A heavy blade, in the style of an O-dachi, but woven with nine heavy tungsten rings through the spine, in the style of a nine-ring sword. The design of the blade itself will be very traditional in nature, with the hilt being the first major variance. The front of the hilt will have a frilled dragon's head, in the eastern style - Wingless - whose front legs hover protectively over the front of the hand grip, as a hand guard. The body of the dragon forms the handle itself, with the tail curling around a smoked quartz orb to form the pommel. The stomach of the dragon is fitted with iridescent scales, while its' back is formed of emerald-colored steel. The hand grip itself is made for two hands, and custom-fit for the wielder's fingers. Maker's mark is set into the very base of the blade.
        • Enhancement gives +4L, +1 armor.
  • Riot armor, in the usual style, except crafted with the flat panels taking the appearance of lacquered wood, with pale pine and rich, ruby-red trimming, in the oriental style. The back of the armor has a ledge for resting the blade, with the blade facing upward. There is a sheathe for the tip, and ledges besides, but with a large gap for the rings, so they will not snag on any protrusions. Also with the armor is an imposing Oni mask, made of the new metal, with small rubies and gold edging set around the eye holes. Maker's mark is set into the left cheek.
        • Enhancement is +4 armor, +2 durability.

OOC Information

Player: Lynden O'barr

MES Number: US2014110042

Location: Lafayette, LA