"The Buffalo" Jack Baer

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Requiem PC

Player: Richard Kates
Character: "The Buffalo" Jack Baer
Clan: Gangrel ●●
Bloodline: The Hounds of Actaeon
Covenant: Circle of the Crone ●●
Conspiracy: The Band ●
Domain: Battle Creek, MI ●●●
Cadence: ●●
Requiem Role: Nomad ●●
VST: Stephen Robinson

10th Cav.jpg

Sire: Erick Brandt

Bloodline: The Hounds of Actaeon

Notable Traits: "The Buffalo" is never seen without adorning his 10th Cavalry pin and wearing his golden combat spurs. Jack has silver veined eyes.

Titles: Sheriff of Battle Creek

Coteries/Societies: People of the Land

Conspiracy: The Band

Information Known by Kindred Society

"The Buffalo" is an elite scout/tracker. He's been a nomad his entire existence since just after the Civil War. He spent many years with a Crone pack of People of the Land. He was once a conductor on the "underground railroad" and continues to free people of slavery and opression in varying degrees.

Notable Events

Civil War: Jack spent these years conducting "cargo" along the underground railraod. As a Free-Stater from Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas, he refused to join either side or fight against his fellow Americans.

Indian Wars: Jack spent most of this era infiltrating Apache and Navajo tribes. He scouted for the 10th Cavalry Army Regiment (The Buffalo Soldiers) out of Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas.

WWII: Jack followed the Buffalo Soldiers to Italy and continued to scout as well as work as a Navajo code-talker.

Vietnam War: Jack joined the 9th Air Cav "Headhunters" in Vietnam where he tracked enemy units, scouted enemy camps and extracted friendly MIA's.

Information Known by the Circle of the Crone

Role: Outsider

Information Known by the The Band




None Currently

Known Associates


Major Stone

The Family Ferox



Lena Crow

The Band:

Allies in Arms


  • Jack Baer trained most of the Shadow Wolves; Native American Trackers who work for the government.
  • Jack Baer is a secret government agent tracking drug dealers and smugglers.
  • Jack Baer is in Detroit following a lead on a drug cartel bringing cargo in from Windsor.
  • Jack Baer did not hug a werewolf.
  • Jack Baer was Bloodhunted in Battle Creek.
  • Jack Baer is a werewolf hunter.
  • Jack Baer is a drug dealer.
  • Jack Baer killed a demon and took a horn as a trophy but doesn't quite remember the whole incident.
  • Jack Baer does more then just hunt and track with Lena Crow.


Battle Creek denizen to Lena Crow as she wanders off, "Buffalo Jack is Bloodhunted." Lena replies, not bothering to look back, "And your point is.....?"

OOC Information


Movies: Raising Arizona "Leonard Smalls"

TV: The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. "Lord Bowler"

Real Life: Buffalo Soldiers, Shadow Wolves

Player: Richard Kates

Location: Detroit, MI
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