'''Christopher Callahan'''

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Bone Gnawer/Ahroun/homid Christopher Callahan – Claws His Way (Athro) (NPC)

Commonly known as Callahan - Callahan is the only Bone Gnawer who actually lives at the sept. While he is certainly friendly with the Bone Gnawers who live in the city, he does not spend much time with them or in the city. His kin manage the Pyro City outside of Lone Jack and they all live in Lone Jack. He is not originally from this area, he came west as a fostern after most of his pack was killed in combat. He always tends to find himself in the thick of any battle and he's never shown himself to be anything other than stalwart and courageous. Though he's no stranger to being looked down upon for his tribe, even the sept's Silver Fangs and Fianna recognize Callahan's quiet dignity and treat him with a measure of respect.

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