'''Thomas Beattie'''

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  • Child of Gaia/Galliard/lupus Thomas Beattie - Light of Winter Moon on Snow (Adren) (NPC)

Commonly known as Snow - Wolves in Thomas' bloodline have been part of packs associated with the sept for many, many years. They are known to be cooperative, respectful and fierce; Thomas is no exception. Snow's knowledge of the area surrounding the caern is undoubtedly the best in the sept. Before taking on his duties as the Gatekeeper, he traveled a great deal in the wilds of Northwest Missouri and Northeast Kansas in an effort to map out the area. It is Snow's hope that he can find sufficient wilderness to introduce some few lupus kin; however, his efforts may be somewhat curtained now that he's the gatekeeper. He is newly come to the position, following the death of the former gatekeeper and there is hope among many that his Galliard's skills will allow him negotiate to gain several new moon bridges with other septs in the area.

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