''Enemy Dossier: Goluko''

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Enemy Dossier: Goluko

Investigated and compiled by Valyria Hunt Morningkill, called Holds Fast, Dawnbreaker, Game Changer, Queen’s Gambit, Flawless Execution, Adren Silver Fang Ahroun Homid, Sept of the Tor, Alpha of The Edge of Midnight, a mysteries pack dedicated to Uktena.

Premise for Investigation:
An Adren rank challenge issued by Eye of the Hunter-rhya, Adren Shadow Lord Ahroun Homid, Sept of the Tor.

Rationale for Investigation:
At the Silver Fang Tribal moot held at the North Country Protectorate on May 1, 2014, all Silver Fangs gathered had very little intelligence regarding the fall of the Mountain Top and Peaceful Skies caerns, despite a considerable amount of on-ground scouting and intelligence gathering. As such, the author of this report chose to seek out answers in the past since investigating the present, the now, was proving unproductive. We are a people of history and stories, after all. This report is the result of these investigations. The tale was sung at a moot July 5, 2014.

Goluko, a Zmei.


Goluko is a large green beast, similar to but different from a dragon. His mouth is a mesh of razor-sharp teeth. His wings are thin and sharp.

Strengths and Attack Power

• Goluko shoots balls of balefire from his mouth
• Goluko can attack enemies on all sides simultaneously
• Goluko can fly and burrow in the earth at the same speed
• Goluko’s hide is extremely tough, although weaker today than in the past due to radiation
• Goluko is surrounded by a powerful aura of damaging radiation
• Goluko devours the spiritual energy of caerns and even hives
• Goluku can open a portal to Malfeas to enter the Gaian Realm or leave at will
• Goluku may be able to take the form of a human male and transform at will


• Goluko’s body has been weakened by radiation
• An ancient ritual of binding sequestered these beasts in the past and can be used to weaken a Zmei’s armor, but the rite does not weaken its arsenal of attacks in any way. This ritual is only known by the eldest of Theurges of the Wyrm. To learn it, one must be captured and coerced into teaching it. I had a vision of this occurring during the 13th century through meditation in the Sept of the Crescent Moon story caves and help from my ancestors


Zmei are the creations of the one known as The Hag, Baba Yaga, an ancient and foul vampire who was a scourge of Russian Garou for many millennia. Zmei were created using blood magic and exist as outsiders to the Triat. The Zmei are enemies of all of creation. Originally, there were six Zmei, six being a number of significance to wizards. In the course of history, only two have been destroyed. The remaining four were thought to be bound using an ancient and secret ritual of binding, but at least one is active at this time: Goluko.

Goluko – the green Zmei. This Zmei was lost or awoken after the explosion at Chernobyl on April 26, 1986. This explosion both weakened and strengthened Goluko. The power of radiation will likely destroy this creature eventually, but he is now imbued with a radioactive aura that will harm all who attack or approach him.
Illyana – the red Zmei. She is known as the fire goddess of the Zmei. She burns all that she sees and was responsible for destroying an army of invading Mongols in the past. Her body is surrounded by an aura of flame.
Rustarian – the blue Zmei. Very little is known about this Zmei, even in the ancient histories.
Trevero – the plague Zmei. The largest of all Zmei, it is said that just a shard from one of his scales brought forth the Black Death upon the world.
Gregornous Deathwing – Destroyed after World War II.
Sharkala the Cruel – destroyed by the thirteen legendary Garou, including the two Silver Fang heroes, Yuri and Sophia Tvarivich during the mid-13th century after being awakened by a fallen Garou named Isaiah. Upon meditating on the paintings of the Zmei in the deep story caves at the Sept of the Crescent Moon and consulting with my ancestors, the vision I had of this battle differed from the tale I am used to hearing about this fight. My vision showed more than 200 Garou approach the sleeping Sharkala in a swamp, bound by the mystical energies of the binding ritual. Sharkala attacked using magic and opened a portal to Malfeas (or a realm like it) to escape, but was crushed to death by the magic of the rite.


As magical creations of The Hag, Baba Yaga, the Zmei were the chief commanders of her vast army of foes. Upon The Hag’s destruction just over a decade ago, many Garou believed that the Zmei accompanied her into the infernal depths of Malfeas. Yet, at least one Zmei, known as Goluko, is still active. Although The Hag no longer heads this fractured army, the Zmei were her greatest generals and are very intelligent foes. Working independently, the Zmei are perfectly capable of amassing their own forces and carrying out their own destructive ends. This capability was demonstrated at the Sept of Falcon’s Rest where the Zmei used a Fomori pseudo-military organization to probe the defenses of the caern to locate it so that the beast could strike.

Targets previously attacked by Goluko

Denver, Colorado, FORTHCOMING.

  • After Arbiter's Accord pack thwarted the Black First/Zmei efforts to locate Falcon’s Rest, those Garou at the sept who had visions foresaw the Zmei’s attack in the Denver area.

Sept of the South Wind in Kansas, September 2014.

  • Witnesses reported seeing a Black Spiral Dancer and a male in black robes approaching a place considered sacred and secret by the Uktena. After being confronted, the male vanished and Goluko appeared in physical form.
  • The Zmei was likely working in conjunction with the local Black Spiral Dancer packs and fomori units to probe the caern as well as locate the sacred Uktena location.
  • A ruined fetish made of cold iron was retrieved from Goluko’s belly before it escaped.
  • Goluko left by opening a portal to Malfeas that drew in at least one Adren Garou.

Falcon’s Rest caern in Colorado, June 2014.

  • Many Garou were gripped by visions of Goluko, which gave the sept enough time to prepare for the Zmei’s attack. The Zmei was working in conjunction with ground forces from the Black First fomori units to locate the caern. Arbiter’s Accord pack stopped this effort, which prevented the Zmei from being able to attack.

Peaceful Skies caern in Chicago, Illinois in April 2014.

  • Despite being hidden from much of the Garou Nation, the caern was completely destroyed in a very short time, the Gauntlet made impenetrable.

Mountain Top Caern in Colorado in March 2014.

  • Caern destroyed very quickly, area imbued with radiation, the Gauntlet made impenetrable. The caern spirit, Harrier, was bound in a crown forged from the ruins of Chernobyl and delivered to Silver Fang Athro Jonah Hunt-rhya at his wedding reception as a message.

Temple of Luxor in Egypt, timeline unclear.

  • Visions received of the temple on fire.

Unknown Caern (attempt to destroy it thwarted), 1240 AD.

  • The tale of Honor’s Last Stand illuminates a brave Silver Fang hero who taunted Goluko away from his sept and caern. Through a combination of stealth, speed, and assistance of his pack totem, he was quicker than the beast. Luring Goluko away from the caern bought the remainder of the sept time to cap the caern and evacuate.

Hive of the enemy, 1240 AD.

  • The Silver Fang hero, Honor’s Last Stand, was hunted for weeks by Goluko for denying the Zmei his prize. The Silver Fang hero Honor’s Last Stand led the foul beast to a den of the Wyrm, where all of the enemy, and its Hive, were devoured by Goluko. Honor’s Last Stand sacrificed himself to redirect the power of the Zmei onto the Enemy.


The current whereabouts of Goluko are known to no one. Sharkala the Cruel was known to be able to open portals to Malfeas, so it is likely that he is there, waiting to strike.
However, visions and portents experienced by numerous Garou at the Falcon’s Rest sept in June 2014 witnessed the potential appearance of Goluko at Denver, Colorado in the upcoming future.

A Vision about the Binding Ritual

During my meditations on how to defeat Goloku in the depths of the Sept of the Crescent Moon story caves, I had a vision that will need to be further deciphered to understand its hidden meaning.
Ancestors of the Morningkill line spoke these words to me:
Destruction, namer, love, betrayal, VIKTOR, Yuri, pain, fire.
The vision ended with an image of an old man weeping at the Temple of Luxor in Egypt.
Yuri may refer to the Shadow Lord Margrave. The close relationship of our two tribes in stopping Sharkala the Cruel was witnessed in my vision with the interrogation of Isaiah to learn the binding ritual.
I feel that Viktor is part of the solution of this puzzle, but I do not yet know how. I consulted with Chases Street Demons-rhya at the North Country Protectorate about Viktor. He is an ancient vampire known as a Gangrel, almost as old as the Hag and one of her most assiduous generals. Viktor often commands armies of Wyrm Howlers and likely has access to the ritual needed to bind Zmei that one of his Wyrm Theurges knows or he could have learned it himself. Viktor is not to be trifled with and capturing one of his minions in order to learn the ritual needs to be done very carefully.

Recommendations for Caern Defenses

In numerous tales recorded where Zmei attack a caern in order to devour its essence, only one withstood the assault by drawing the beast away and giving the sept time to cap the caern and evacuate. This was the lesson to be learned from the tale of Honor’s Last Stand. The Eldest Galliard of the Silver Fangs emphasized that, throughout history, even the combined force of a sept – especially an unprepared sept -- could not withstand a frontal attack from a Zmei.

The strategies that have worked in the past involve stealth and redirection.
• Maintain the Rite of the Shrouded Glen.
• Ensure that all Garou perform their due diligence in making sure that their movements in and out of the bawn are done in ways that protect the hidden nature of the caern.
• If the Zmei threatens a caern, at least one team of Garou will need to taunt Goluko and draw him away as the caern evacuates.
Preferably, one of the Garou in this team should be immune to the radioactivity produced by Goluko.
• Ensure that the Warder and Gatekeeper are familiar with the process of capping the caern, if under threat by the Zmei.
• Capture one of the Eldest Wyrm Theurges to coerce them it into teaching us the ritual of binding for the Zmei.
• Combine this intelligence with that gleaned by other tribes to formulate a comprehensive attack plan to destroy Goluko.
• Work together with other septs to attack the Zmei, using the ritual, away from caerns.

In general, no special defenses or training are necessary beyond the above-stated points.

Sources Consulted

Queen Tamara Tvarivich-rhya of House Crescent Moon, Elder Silver Fang Theurge Homid, Sept of the Crescent Moon in Russia.
Elizabeth Lenin, Winter’s Last Wisdom-rhya, Eldest Galliard of the Silver Fangs, Homid, Sept of the Crescent Moon in Russia.
Uriel Tracovsky Lenin, Fostern Silver Fang Galliard Homid, student of Winter’s Last Wisdom-rhya, Sept of the Crescent Moon in Russia.
The ancient caves at the Sept of the Crescent Moon, the first caern, where all of Garou history is recorded.
Chases Street Demons-rhya, Elder Silver Fang Ahroun Homid, North Country Protectorate.