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Character Information
Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Camarilla
City: Avignon
Player: Hilary Sklar
Storyteller: Stephan Kelly

Sire: 'Mad' Max (NPC) Prince of London from 1939 to 1962

Notable Traits: Loves flying machines, motorcycles and anything containing an internal combustion engine.

Position: Harpy
Acknowledged by François Villon
Confirmed as an Ancilla of the Ivory Tower
Considered Loyal by Archon Bleach

Information Known by Kindred Society

Educated in the ways of the Paris Court
Acknowledged by François Villon in 1926
November 1942, moved to Avignon

Maxine will fly Kindred from place to place for boons or hard cash (because maintaining a flying machine is expensive). She now has a flying machine capable of Transatlantic Flights, but if anyone wants something larger she can source a suitable machine and pilot it. She has recently acquired a new flying machine
Maxine has been tutoring Parker in the ways of the Camarilla. She finds him an apt pupil and hopes he will be ready to be presented for acknowledgement soon. No one is very sure why she took on this task but rumours concerning it abound. It has now emerged that her sponsorship was some kind of wager with Her Highness. Maxine is genuinely upset that Parker, Master Harpy of Chicago, is no more.


Known Childer


Known Grand-childer



  • "Maxine always pays her debts."
  • "Maxine is a Hatter."
  • "Maxine is in the Thought Police."
  • "The colourful scarves Maxine often wears are a code she uses to communicate with space aliens."
  • "Maxine is tutoring Parker for some kind of bet."
  • "Maxine is tutoring Parker to pay off a boon."


  • "Maxine seems to have a very focused range of interests; it was an interesting conversation about space and future travel machines."Eileen Vargas
  • "Maxine is a resourceful individual, brave in her protection of the Ivory Tower, and dedicated to her Clan."The Venetian
  • "Do not be deceived by madness. Behind it lies a sharp mind."Naga

OOC Information

Hilary Sklar

Trade Winds Domain / Turkey: