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June 23, 2013

This report is a record of the notable events of the gatherings of the Kindred of Boston, including the exchanges of Prestation and Status.

Unfortunately, the services of our Master Harpy, Mr. Jacob Clarke were unavailable for this gathering. Below is an informal account submitted in his absence by Mr. Henry Abrams.

For another version, read Elder Blake's Account.

The Account of Mr. Henry Abrams of Clan Tremere

Honored Kindred of Boston,

The members of Clan Tremere wish to express their gratitude to Venerated Elder Victor Blake for his efforts in maintaining the crucial bonds of society and communication between all members of our community. We look forward to the return of our Influential Harpy, Mr. Jacob Clarke. Inspired by the spirit of Venerated Elder Blake's generosity, we submit the following account of the Trial, and the transactions of Prestation and Status as they related to our Clan during the recent Gathering of the Court of Her Exalted Majesty, Prince Constance Fournier, may She reign in Prosperity and Perpetuity.

The Trial of the Betrayer

The Gathering of Her Majesty's Court began with the Trial of the formerly Revered Elder Primogen of Clan Tremere, Josiah Nickerson. The Established Dr. Carmichael of Clan Ventrue was tasked by Her Venerated Majesty with proving the charges against the Accused. To effect this proof, she called as witness Mr. Henry Abrams of Clan Tremere. Dr. Carmichael questioned Mr. Abrams regarding the events of the Blood Hunt. The Testimony of Mr. Abrams seemed to directly establish the guilt of the Accused. Dr. Carmichael sought and received confirmation of Mr. Abrams' Testimony from the Feared Sheriff Jerard de Medici, and the Feared Scourge Torrance Fairfallen and the Trustworthy Keeper Rags.

The Loyal Mr. Alexander Morgenstern of Clan Tremere was tasked by Her Exalted Majesty to speak for the Accused. Mr. Morgenstern reminded the Court that Clan Tremere assisted in uncovering the Wicked Fiend Spy and that it was the Testimony of the Clan's own Mr. Abrams which was used to condemn the Betrayer. We of Clan Tremere hope that these facts help to show that the Clan works to strengthen the Camarilla by opposing its enemies, both internal and external. All Kindred are invited to witness these facts and evaluate them according to their own best judgement.

Her Exalted Majesty then concluded the Trial by affirming that the charges laid against the Accused were established. Honorable Keeper Rags was invited by Her Majesty to effect the Destruction of the Betrayer Josiah according to whatever means he saw fit. The Honorable Keeper exercised the powers of his Office to strip the Betrayer Josiah of his Acknowledged Status. The Feared Scourge then brought the Betrayer to Justice before the assembled Court.

Following the Trial, Her Exalted Majesty, representing the will of the Primogen Council, named Mr. Morgenstern 'Foolhardy' and suggested that Clan Tremere seek the good graces of the members of the Council before they would see a Tremere as Primogen. The assembly was then dismissed.

The Support of the Primogen

Her Majesty, in Her Infinite Wisdom, then saw fit to Acknowledge Mr. Ashton Sagewell of Clan Tremere, recently arrived in Boston. Clan Tremere, having thereby accumulated the necessary Social Status, named the Revered Mr. Morgenstern as Primogen.

Following Her Majesty's suggestion, Primogen Morgenstern then sought the support of the other Revered members of the Primogen Council. These relationships were secured by issuing Boons to the members of that August Council.

To the Toreador Whip Gemma Bianchedi, Primogen Morgenstern gave a Minor Boon as apology for not engaging in Prestation prior to the Trial. A second Minor Boon was given to Ms. Bianchedi with the understanding that it would in turn be granted to the Venerated Elder Agapito Acosta, Primogen of the Toreador in exchange for his support of Mr. Morgenstern's Primogenship.

To the Revered Mr. Alexander Warden, Primogen of the Ventrue, one Minor Boon was given as apology. A second Minor Boon was given in exchange for his support.

The Revered Professor, Primogen of the Malkavians accepted a Trivial Boon as apology and a Minor Boon in exchange for his support and a Minor Boon in exchange for a private matter.

The Revered Mr. Allen, Primogen of the Nosferatu accepted a Trivial Boon as apology and a Trivial Boon in exchange for his support.

The Venerated, Revered, Established, and Acknowledged Elder Primogen of Clan Brujah, Mr. Eric Kincaid declined to discuss the matter at this time.

Having thus garnered support within the Primogen Council, it is the hope of our Clan that positive and mutually beneficial relationships with all other Clans may resume and that we are now more powerfully united under the banner of the Camarilla and the Praxis of Her Exalted Majesty.

A Trivial Matter

As Mr. Morgenstern was occupied in establishing relations with the other Kindred of the Primogen Council, he sought the assistance of Ventrue Clan members Dr. Carmichael and Ms. Phoebe Saltonstall in offering an evening of assistance, guidance and introductions for Mr. Morgenstern's Childe, Ms. Julia Marx (Unreleased). In exchange for the generous assistance of these Kindred, Mr. Morgenstern insisted on awarding each with a Trivial Boon.

Thus concludes our informal account.

May the evening find you well-sated and safe.

Henry Abrams
Whip of Clan Tremere
[Status 2]