03 August 08, 2013 - According to Jacob Clarke

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Master Harpy Report of Jacob Clarke:

The evening of July 13, 2013 the Kindred of Boston observed the annual Assassination Day Celebration at the manor of her Majesty, the Venerated Constance Fournier, Prince of Boston. In the spirit of the evening the majority of guests from both near and far adorned themselves in the customs of Assassins. This annual celebration is one of the few times the Prince allows anyone into her territory, though members of the Clan of Assassins are usually permitted to be exterminated on sight.

As in years past the crush of Kindred was respectfully large and several dignitaries made their introduction at the earlier court session while those with unexpected travel challenges made their introductions at a reconvened court. Through the evening we witnessed a number of intriguing interactions that in some cases were rewarded either privately or publicly and those that were resolved in like manner.

As soon as court opened visiting dignitaries were introduced: from Texas the Gangril Elder Equinox, from Santa Fe Toreador Primogen Mikel Gunter and Gabriel, from Philadelphia Prince Eirik Alexson, William Edric, Seneschal Mark Teller, and from Atlantic City Prince Ibrahim Aslan, Sheriff Camille Clark, Scourge Jamie Walker, Toreador Primogen Rinadlo de Medici, and Primogen Adalwuf. When the Elder Prince Alexson from the Brujah clan along with his select delegation from Philadelphia approached our host of the evening her Majesty Constance Fournier was observed snapping her fingers as Prince Alexson was being introduced by Eric Kincaid. There is some debate as to whether he sped out of the chamber before she snapped her fingers or after. Either way at the snap of her fingers as a trained fighting machine Doctor Avery Carmichael, Equinox, Jackson Wild, Alexander Warden, and Jerard de Medici formed a protective perimeter around Prince Constance Fournier. As Eirik Alexson sped away Equinox followed close behind.

The evening gets better with Elder Brujah Primogen Eric Kincaid of Boston offering unwanted or requested opinions during court and being subsequently led by his pinched ear with Prince Constance Fournier guiding him out and away for a private chat.

Seneschal Jackson Wild then took over the court meeting Recognizing a number of visitors and those petitioning to take up residents in Boston. Toreador: Mikel Gunther, Gabriel, and Virginia Archer. Malkavian: Dorian Twain and Dotty. Gangril: Conrow Shey. Tremere: Delores Rayleigh.

As the evening wore on a Camarilla status holding Assamite from Rhode Island presented a letter to Prince Constance Fournier from the Prince of Newport where in she was invited to attend a party in Rhode Island. The letter was handled indirectly first by Elysium Keeper Rags and eventually by Seneschal Jackson Wild who examined it prior to reading it for Prince Constance Fournier. Soon afterwards three visiting kindred from Atlantic City were noted discussing the visit of an Assamite during the Assassination Day Celebrations. Would the Assamite win the costume contest and would that be considered cheating?

During the course of the evening the Prince was gifted a piece of artwork and had a private concert provided by the Santa Fe Toreador. The winner of the costume contest was announced as a tie. Grigori of clan Brujah and Alexander Warden of clan Ventrue both won a rise in status for their excellent costuming.

As for Harpy business: Be it known as I am Influential as Master Harpy of Boston I bestow one level of temporary negative status of Impertinent upon Elder Prince Eirik Alexson of Philadelphia effective the time of this pronouncement expiring at dawn of August 31, 2013.

Furthermore be it known as I am Established as Master Harpy of Boston I bestow one level of temporary negative status of Impetuous upon Eldar Brujah Primogen Eric Kincaid of Boston effective the time of this pronouncement expiring at dawn of August 31, 2013.

I will be following up on a rumor regarding an alleged assault on Elysium grounds and conferring with the Elysium Keeper as to the ferocity of these claims. I have full confidence Elysium Keeper Rags has already either dealt with it, discovered it a hoax, or waiting respectfully upon me to discuss and include me in addressing this alleged serious matter.

There were the following changes of status: Prince Constance Fournier of Boston deemed Henry Abrams as Steadfast. Prince Constance Fournier of Boston deemed Doctor Avery Carmichael as Loyal. Prince Constance Fournier of Boston declared Tremere Primogen Alexander Morgenstern to no longer been seen as Foolhardy. Prince Constance Fournier of Boston deems Alexander Warden as Vigilant. Prince Constance Fournier of Boston deems Grigori as Savant. Elder William Edric grants patronage status of Dignified to Victor Blake. Toreador Primogen Agapito Acosta being Acknowledged deems Gemma Bianchedi as Leal (Loyal). Toreador Primogen Agapito Acosta being Established deems Toreador Adulwulf of Atlantic City as Capaz (Capable). Toreador Primogen Agapito Acosta being Revered deems Toreador Jacob Clarke Versado (Versatile). Primogen of Santa Fe Mikel Gunther deems Gabriel of Santa Fe as Brilliant.

Report on prestitation: Elder Mikel Gunter Primogen of Santa Fe owes Torrance Fairfallen a minor boon. Primogen Adalwuf of Atlantic City is owed a minor boon by Toreador Primogen Mikel Gunter of Santa Fe. Jerard de Medici owes Alexander Morgenstern a trivial boon. Rinaldo De Medici owes Agapito Acosta a minor boon. Rinaldo De Medici owes Constance Fournier a major boon. Owen the Gangril (Scott Young) owes Torrance Fairfallen a major boon. Torrance Fairfallen owes Constance Fournier a trivial boon. Jackson Wild owes a Chandra de Soissones a trival boon. Jackson Wild said to remove trivial boon owed to Silus Moron (spelling?). Toreador Primogen of Santa Fe Mikel Gunther owed Adalwuf a minor boon that is now owed instead to Agapito Acosta. Grigori owes Constance Fournier a trivial boon. Eirik Alexson owes Jacob Clarke a trivial boon. Alexander Warden releases Alexander Morganstern of one minor boon owed him. Alexander Warden acknowledges the trivial boon owed by the Professor discharged (paid).

Further business: As of August 2, 2013 Lucien, Elder Prince of San Juan, finds the following individuals to be worthy of his words: Elder Eric Kincaid of Boston is deemed Wise. Elder Primogen Roane of Atlanta is deemed Insightful.

Kindred of Boston and distinguished visiting supporters of the White Tower please feel free to converse with me on matters of status and prestitation.