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Firstly, let me note that on the evening of October 9th, 2013 the Primogen Council unanimously removed Jacob Clarke from the position of Master Harpy. The Council then unanimously decided to back me as Master Harpy for the domain of Boston. In accordance with the protocols of the Camarilla and by the unanimous will of the Primogen Council of Boston I am no longer to be seen as an -honorable- Keeper of Elysia.. but rather as an +influential+ Master Harpy.

The lack of an active social conscience has negatively impacted our domain over the last few months.. information that should have made it out of Boston never did, and information that should have been filtered to us by an active Harpy never did. When one takes a position of influence and responsibility in a domain one must put those responsibilities first. Failure to do so, especially when such negatively impacts the entire domain is scandalous. It is therefore my responsibility to note that I, and the domain of Boston, overwhelmingly find Jacob Clarke to be rather -inept-, let such echo through the halls of the Ivory Tower until he proves himself otherwise.

The last few months have been quite interesting for the kindred of Boston.. last month the Sheriff was destroyed in the line of duty. Jerard deMedici was destroyed by servants of the Sabbat. And though the Kindred of Boston and beyond mourn the loss of Mr deMedici, the Camarilla and the Court of Boston remain strong... and so Alexander Morgenstern of Clan Tremere is now to be +feared+ as our Sheriff. After how he handled the rest of the Tricks and Treats last month, I have to note that in my opinion he is well deserving of that position and standing. With Elder Kincaid returning to Boston, he is once again +revered+ as Brujah Primogen. Also, over the last month or so, it would seem that there has been a shuffling of responsibilities in Clan Ventrue as Dr Avery Carmichael is now +revered+ for her service as Primogen to her clan. But though last month was a shining moment for our new Sheriff.... this month was less so. Twice at this months gathering Sheriff Morgenstern insulted *two* pillar clans. Rumor has it that Morgenstern was overheard saying that he "had to hold his tongue as Primogen, but as Sheriff (he) can say whatever (he) wants." And lest we all forget.. words, like actions, have consequences. Because Alexander Morgenstern has apparently developed a habit of speaking without thought I must find him -Temerarious- for scandalously accusing *two* pillar clans of ill behavior. Let's hope our Sheriff learns to think before he speaks. And if your curious about what was said about which clans.. well, those details will cost you.. I am after all, still a Nosferatu. By decree of Her Majesty, Prince Fournier - The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum is now Sacred Ground. Let it be treated with all the respect due such grounds, and let no harm come to it - or to those visiting it.

This months gathering was upon our cities newest Elysium, unveiled for this gathering. Seneschal Grigori and Primogen Carmichael organized a small salon.. (which some have suggested they name something else in the future since it didn't follow the most Traditional formats of Salons.) That aside, there were some fascinating opinions put forward on the nature of humanity and our humanitas. Rumors have it that a select group of kindred from that salon (numbering amongst them our +feared+ Scourge Torrance Fairfallen) have been invited to a "super seekrit salon".. please note the virtual air quotes.. I highly doubt the Elders holding it are calling it that.. but as they didn't see fit to invite me, I don't rightly now what to refer to it as.. someone might want to correct that.. or not. And lest I forget to report on the most interesting part of the night.. Court happened. Prince Fournier called for Court and when asked if there was Business to be discussed, Elder Primogen Kincaid was quick to mention that the Primogen Council had business for the Prince and that the Tremere Primogen would speak for the Council. It was requested by her Majesty that such business be spoken and so it was. The essence of this discussion was this... That there was strife within the Ventrue Clan between Prince Fournier and a couple of the Constantinians. That this strife had appeared to move beyond a simple Elders Game and had begun to appear to weaken the Ivory Tower. That the Primogen wished this matter settled and suggested a possible method of settling it. The Prince stated that such was Her desire as well. That Her overtures for peaceful discussion and an end to discord had been made once already, and had been soundly refused. Her Majesty went on to remind the domain that we should remember, if there was a True issue with House Constantinian then two of Her own residents would have been boxed up and sent back to their sires.

What most people fail to remember is that Primogen Carmichael *and* Assistant Keeper Pheobe Saltonstall would not be trusted to hold positions within Her Majesties domain.. that they would be viewed as spies at best & as disloyal to domain and tower at worst.. and that they would be dealt with as such. It is with wisdom and leadership that Prince Fournier guides our domain and so, in a show of good faith to House Constantinian she has granted a Major Boon to Primogen Carmichael. Prince Fournier has also extended a personal invitation to House Constantinian - the details of which shall be passed onto them by Primogen Carmichael.

Her Majesty wishes it to be known that as the Queen is +Exalted+, she sees Archibald Carmichael of Atlanta as +Influential+, for his past and current services to the city of Boston

Rumor has it that Her Majesty also had a private conversation with Elder Kincaid about how happy she was he was returned to us.. and about exactly how far he could stretch Her joy before he ran out of goodwill.

But the quote of the night goes to our +feared+ Scourge, Torrance Fairfallen.. Ms Fairfallen remarked that "If one is going to stir the shit-pot, one should have to lick the spoon."

Kindred of Boston should remember that quote when I eventually have to name a certain someone (and I'll let your imaginations run wild for now) a pot-stirrer.


  • Elder Kincaid = +Revered+ as Brujah Primogen
  • Mr Morgenstern = +Feared+ as Sheriff
  • Rags = +Influential+ as Master Harpy
  • Ms Carmichael = +Revered+ as Ventrue Primogen
  • Nickolas Bradley of Clan Tremere = +Acknowledged+ by Prince Fournier
  • Jase Taylor = +Recognized+ by Prince Fournier and the Toreador will give us the correct spelling of his name when he earns acknowledgement.
  • Archibald Carmichael of Atlanta = +Influential+ by Prince Fournier of Boston
  • Alexander Morgenstern = -Temerarious-
  • Jacob Clarke = -Inept- & no longer Harpy
  • Alexander Warden = no longer Ventrue Primogen
  • William Blake = no longer Brujah Primogen
  • Prince Fournier owes Primogen Carmichael a Major Boon
  • Cyrus of Malkavian owes me a Major Boon
  • Louise of Malkavian owes a Major Boon to Miguel of Malkavian
  • Grant of Malkavian owes a Major Boon to Dotty of Malkavian
  • Agapito Acosta owes Prince Fournier a Minor Boon
  • James of Malkavian owes a Minor Boon to Miguel of Malkavian and to Dorian Twain of Malkavian
  • Katherine of Malkavian owes a Minor Boon to Dorian Twain of Malkavian
  • Nickolas Bradley owes me a Trivial Boon
  • Nickolas Bradley owes William Blake a Trivial Boon
  • Ventrue Primogen Carmichael owes me a Trivial Boon
  • Brujah Primogen Kincaid owes me a Trivial Boon, he has agreed to terms that will fulfill the debt
  • Malkavian Primogen Hinkley owes me a Trivial Boon, he has agreed to terms that will fulfill the debt
  • Tremere Primogen Abrams owes me a Trivial Boon, he has agreed to terms that will fulfill the debt

- Rags Master Harpy of Boston (( 6 status ))

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