06 December 2013 Update - According to Rags

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Mr Monroe of Clan Toreador is to be known as -misinformed- until he proves otherwise to me. He has some interesting notions of the laws around prestation. Thankfully he has offered me a Major Boon for some education. This was his saving grace. He's made some serious missteps lately, and I am hoping that this period of education and slight mark upon his name will give him the impetus to shape up.

Rumors circulate around some of the local Art Heists and one in particular caught my eye. Seems that whomever is organizing the Art Heists may be connected to our society, as they are not stealing from the Elysiums and they've been avoiding the places we gather. If anyone has information about these Art Heists I'd suggest talking to me sooner rather than later. Who knows, depending on how good your info is it might even be worth something. ;)

And so it is on the books, Elder Biltmore of Clan Malkavian owes Prince Fournier a boon.

- Rags Master Harpy of Boston

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