07 January 2014 - According to Rags

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Nature looks dead in winter because her life is gathered into her heart. She withers the plant down to the root that she may grow it up again fairer and stronger. She calls her family together within her inmost home to prepare them for being scattered abroad upon the face of the earth. ~Hugh Macmillan, "Rejuvenescence," The Ministry of Nature, 1871

January saw formal court being called.. and rumors of the Prince's unhappiness circulated for days before. Some said the Tarp was being readied. But what all said was that the Queen was in a mood most foul.

You see, Her Majesty has several Edicts in place. Two of which are about the dispensation of personal domain. Salem belongs to Elder Coventry of the Tremere. Danvers belongs to Elder Biltmore of the Malkavians. Salem is a nexus of occult significance.. Danvers is the home of Danvers mental institution. Each city is not to be entered without the express permission of the Elder or Clan to whom it is entrusted.

Prince Fournier gathered the court and reminded them all of the above Edicts. She then went on to note that her Edicts and Hospitality had been violated. That a Tremere had worked from within Boston against Danvers. Primogen Abrams of Clan Tremere denied knowledge of this action. Sheriff Morgenstern denied knowledge of this action.. though it came out that he had assured his Elders that he would personally look into Danvers, he had not yet done so and had authorized no one to do so on his behalf.

Prince Fournier was done with words. It was time for action. She commanded a duel to be fought. Elder Biltmore was supplied his blade by one of his Knights. Immediately, Primogen Carmichael stepped forward to call in prestation upon Her Majesty. A Major Boon to prevent the death of Sheriff Morgenstern. I stepped forward to suggest that a major boon is not worth the life of the Sheriff but it is worth a final opportunity to parlay. I asked that they be given the chance to talk this out with me as mediator.. and with Primogen Carmichael as witness, since she was so invested in the life of her coterie mate.

The Prince aquiesced to my request and as we sat down to discuss the matter Elder Coventry astrally projected into the meeting place to speak with Elder Biltmore. Both Elders demonstrated their commitment to the ideals of the Ivory Tower and to there existing a peace between the Pillar Clans. Elder Biltmore grants Elder Coventry 45minutes inside Danvers. The Primogen of Clan Tremere offers Clan Malkavian a Major Boon in trust to the Professor.. and a Trivial Boon to myself. Sheriff Morgenstern owes Prince Fournier a debt of Blood.

The rest of the night passed easier and with a few changes in standing and position.. I am pleased to announce that my Assistant was deemed worthy of taking the full mantle of Keeper of Elysia. Congratulations go to Keeper Pheobe Saltonstall. It seems that there was additional fallout within Clan Tremere.. as Mr Abrams is no longer their Voice. Boston shall look to Primogen Delores Rayleigh as the new Voice of the Tremere. Her Majesty also finds Dorian Twain to be +Dedicated+ to the ideals of the Ivory Tower and Mr Allen to be quite +Resourceful+.

I have to admit, I found the next week to be as interesting as the night of Court.. so I shall include some of the juicy bits..

Miss Williams, a neonate of Clan Tremere, was found to be the guilty party. A visitor from Washington DC who decided that she did not need to present herself to the court or follow the edicts of the Prince. I had a lovely chat with Harpy de Lorraine of Washington DC in which my first instinct to find such actions -seditious- was tempered greatly by Harpy de Lorraine's insight. I truly believe this was a case of an -overzealous- neonate putting the desires of her Clan ahead of the laws and will of the Sect. Elder Rutherford, Primogen of the Tremere of Washington DC went far above and beyond his requirements as Primogen to see this matter thoroughly settled. Miss Williams will study under Elder Biltmore for two weeks. Once she has been released from his tutelage she shall meet again with me and I will hopefully be able to report a change in her -overzealous- nature.

I've spoken to my Prince about my dismay over the events of January.. and she assures me that it is merely winters touch upon our souls.. that February is the time of Love.. and kindness shall be remembered.


  • Mister Abrams owes Clan Malkavian a Major Boon held in trust by the Professor
  • Mister Abrams owes Harpy Rags a Trivial Boon
  • Sheriff Morgenstern owes Prince Fournier a debt of Blood
  • Dorian Twain owes a Major Boon to the Scourge & a Major Boon to Mr Allen
  • Nicholas Bradley owes a Major Boon to Mr Allen
  • The Professor owes Dorian Twain a Major Boon
  • Keeper Saltonstall should be called +honorable+ for her service
  • Primogen Rayleigh should be +revered+ for her service, while Mr Abrams is no longer such
  • Jace Taelen is +acknowledged+ by her Majesty
  • Michael Williams is -overzealous- in her desire to please her clan at the expense of the laws of the sect
  • Dorian Twain is found to be +dedicated+ to the ideals of the Ivory Tower by Prince Fournier
  • Mr Allen is found to be quite +resourceful+ by Prince Fournier

- Rags, Master Harpy of Boston

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