08 February 2014 - According to Rags

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Firstly, let me thank Elder Acosta for being quite the host. Clan Toreador was asked by her majesty to put together a celebration for the February gathering.. and though I was personally unable to attend much of it (for reasons you shall read shortly) I have heard nothing but glowing reviews about the poetry, the art, and the tests of mental and physical prowess. Clan Toreador, under the guidance of Elder Primogen Acosta, excelled in providing the residents and visitors to Prince Fournier's domain entertainment as well as a reminder of what we are able to accomplish within the sacred halls of the Ivory Tower. It pleases me to note that Prince Fournier thought Elder Acosta is quite the +Skillful+ host and that others would do well to take lessons from the Elder.

During court..
Chris Sheridan a Brujah who was recently of Philadelphia was granted thirty days to decide if she wished to petition for permanent residency. I noted that Elder Steele of Richmond VA previously found her to be rather +intense+, a reputation that she was rumored to have lived up to this evening. Bastian McCann also of clan Brujah, whom Elder Primogen Kincaid finds to be rather +loyal+ showed up tonight. Twice now this year the Elder Primogen has brought back important things from Her Majesty's past. One wonders why the Elder Primogen kept him away for so long..

Regardless, the Court of Boston was ordered out of the room as Mr McCann and Her Majesty finished their discussion. Seneschal Grigori was tasked with finishing the remainder of Her Majesty's business.

After attending to her Majesty and her business with Mr McCann, I was lucky enough to walk into the final bits of the Malkavian Primogen's announcements. Danvers is now a bastion for Clan Malkavian. All Malkavians are welcomed within Elder Biltmore's domain. I would suggest you speak to the Professor or the Elder before going.. but I trust if anyone behaves scandalously I will hear about it.

The Professor, it was noted, was speaking rather passionately.. a man normally cool and collected.. and it was surprising when he ranted, in response to a request for clarification, about there being a "sickness that is besieging the Ivory Tower from without and within." Granted, the Malkavians are often given to a longer vision and a greater understanding of the patterns and threads that make up the grand tapestry.. however, his words were thought to be rather paranoid for one usually so logical. When called on such, he offered prestation for his ill chosen words. I told him I would be taking the pulse of the domain before accepting his prestation.. after all, it was fairly recently that I punished our Sheriff for speaking out of turn and with ill chosen words. Though the difference here (for those keeping track) is that rather than apologize with prestation and a sincere apology Sheriff Morgenstern just kept digging his hole deeper. I should note that Mr Morgenstern has apparently learned his lesson and demonstrated the remarkable ability to hold his tongue. He is therefore no longer to be seen as -Temerarious-.

Some more notes on standing:
Prince Fournier finds Mr Barrington Price to be +Invaluable+.
Primogen Carmichael of the Ventrue finds Mr Warden to be +Erudite+.
Primogen Rayleigh of the Tremere finds Mr Abrams to be +Loyal+.
Primogen Allen of the Nosferatu finds Mr Goring to be positively +Brutish+.
And I have to note, if you know any of those men.. you can surely see the wisdom in their Primogen's words.

It was brought to my attention that there was an individual who was present that I should speak to. This individual was verified to be Malkavian, but had not sought out the Malkavian Primogen as was proper. I was informed that Clan Malkavian offered him no shelter. During a conversation with this individual, Mr Abrams, and myself it was uncovered that Everett Long from Fall River and the Islands was masquerading as Solomon Monroe from Providence. Mr Long's failure to seek out the Primogen of his clan and his masquerading as another camarilla member along with the blatant disregard for the theme of the night caused me some great concern. Her Majesty had a brief word with Mr Long. She turned to walk away, and then after a comment by Mr Long spun around and punched him in the face. She then commanded the Sheriff, the Malkavian Primogen, and I to speak to Mr Long in private.

During our conversation it was determined that he was traveling through Boston with two other people who have also failed to follow the most basic of introductions. Petunia of Clan Toreador and Gavin of Clan Nosferatu have been summoned by the Sheriff. Should they fail to answer the Sheriff's summons they are to be considered -errant-. Apparently they are all from Fall River and the Islands, and though they do not hold enough standing to accuse the Professor of wrongdoing they did so anyway. They say that their haven was burned down and that the Professor was responsible for it. Mr Long agreed to owe Her Majesty and Sheriff Morgenstern a major debt. I wanted nothing from one who could not even behave as was expected of an Ancilla and so I removed his -established- reputation. All that would mean little in a few moments as Knights Percival and Catherine removed his head ten feet from the gathering's door while Mr Long was speaking with Mr Abrams. The Knights were convinced that Mr Long was Sabbat, even though he held standing within our Sect and had been interrogated by our Sheriff already. Knights Catherine and Percival of Clan Malkavian owe Her Majesty a Major Boon each. For striking the killing blow, Knight Percival assumes the prestation owed by Everett Long. But as the Harpy of Fall River and the Islands is silent upon our forums, the only debts I will count as verified are the two I logged myself until such time as said Harpy reaches out to me privately with a verifiable prestation record. Knight Pervical therefore also assumes the Major debts to Her Majesty and Sheriff Morgenstern. For their actions, I find both Knights Catherine and Percival to be -Reckless-.

At the close of the night and while I was in a conversation with another.. the Astral form of the Malkavian Primogen appeared before me. He reported an assault upon his person by Petunia and Gavin. They broke several of his bones, chained him up, and then dropped him to the bottom of the ocean. He agreed to pay Mr Warden and I a Major boon and Mr Warden went off to organize the Professor's retrieval. As The Professor was returned to his calmer and cooler state of mind once fetched from the ocean, I didn't feel it necessary to punish his reputation further for his impassioned words earlier in the night.

Also I am pleased to announce that Michael Williams of Washington DC is no longer to be seen as -overzealous-. She has met with Elder Biltmore and has made appropriate reparations for her trouble making. It is my hope that she takes these lessons to heart and that she continues to be of service to both sect and clan in ways that do not dishonor either. I look forward to watching Miss Williams thrive under Elder Rutherford's attention.


  • Elder Agapito Acosta = +Skillful+ by Prince Fournier
  • Mr. Barrington Price = +Invaluable+ by Prince Fournier
  • Mr. Alexander Warden = +Erudite+ by Primogen Carmichael
  • Mr. Henry Abrams = +Loyal+ by Primogen Rayleigh
  • Mr. Goodman Goring = +Brutish+ by Primogen Allen
  • Knights Catherine and Percival = -Reckless- by Harpy Rags
  • Gavin and Petunia = -errant- by Sheriff Morgenstern
  • Sheriff Morgenstern is no longer -Temerarious-
  • Michael Williams is no longer -overzealous-
  • Everett Long is no longer -established-
  • Mr Rook's Trivial debt to Mr Warden is settled
  • Mr Bradley owes Mr Rook a Trivial
  • Mr Del Rosario owes Mr Rook a Trivial
  • Mr Del Rosario owes the Seneschal Oktav of Santa Fe a Minor Boon for being allowed to attend Symposium weekend there
  • Prince Fournier owes me a Major boon
  • Mr Barrington Price owes The Professor a Minor boon
  • Knights Catherine and Percival owe a Major boon to Her Majesty
  • Knight Percival owes a Major boon to Her Majesty and Sheriff Morgenstern
  • The Professor owes Mr Warden and I a Major Boon
  • Ms Rayleigh owes a minor boon to Elder Acosta and Ms Jardine
  • Ms Rayleigh owes a trivial boon to Mr Allen
  • Primogen Guibert Murmure of the Nosferatu in Seattle owes Seneschal Grigori of Boston a Minor Boon
  • Harpy Sasul of San Juan owes me a Trivial Boon

- Rags
Master Harpy of Boston

(( 6 status ))