09 March 2014 - Oneonta According to Rags

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So.. I present my notes on Oneonta.

Many of the domains in the northeast region received an invitation to assist in the retaking of Oneonta.. but when we who answered the call arrived, the Prince of the domain, Prince Archibald, didn't know who sent the invites. However, he thanked us for coming and made it clear his desire to reestablish the strength of the Ivory Tower.

Doctor Riggs, a malkavian, was extremely rude to both the Prince and I. He outright contradicted the Prince and were there a Harpy with Jurisdiction, I am sure that he would have been warned for his behavior. As it was, Sven was right.. there seemed to be just a Prince, a Sheriff, a Scourge, and a Seneschal who claimed to also be doing the duties of Keeper and Harpy. In a conversation with Doctor Riggs, he claimed the Prince was "more like a Warden then a Prince, since none of the kindred could leave the domain". Two visitors from New York, Miss Emma Klein and Mister Toby Dior went off to have a conversation with Doctor Riggs. During their conversation Dr Riggs hit Emma with Dementation causing her passions to rise. He also graciously let her wear his coat in the misty rain. This becomes important because Emma pulled a horn out of his pocket and honked it.. apparently it was The Horn of Silence as Dr Riggs said "Great, now I have to shut the fuck up." He demanded the Horn of Silence back and when she refused he dominated her into returning it.

Suddenly there was an explosion and gunfire in the nearby Elysia. By the time we were able to get there the fighting was over. I was informed by more than a few kindred that ghouls attacked the Elysia and that the Prince had "run away". During the interrogation of one of the captured ghouls Prince Archibald returned.

Upon returning to Elysia Dr Riggs was extremely rude to Elder Cecilia. This was the last straw, I went to the Prince and informed him of Dr Riggs actions and Prince Archibald declared that it would be dealt with.

Posturing happened. Growing weary of such, I offered some information to the court for the price of a minor boon. The Seneschal-Keeper-Harpy lost her shit. She started angrily demanding that the visitors help their court without thought of prestation. This of course irked a number of kindred in the room.. it was pointed out to her that Prestation is the only currency of kindred. And that the Kindred that were present had risked their lives and their blood already in service to a domain that seemed to be ungrateful for the aid already given. The Prince thankfully spoke up before the Seneschal Keeper Harpy could dig her hole any deeper. He thanked those present for the aid given already and promised that debts would be settled at the end of things.. and the Sheriff gratefully purchased the Information I had discovered. So though one of their court seems to have forgotten some of the courtesy and ways of the Camarilla during her time away from society it was good to see that the Prince and Sheriff, at least, remembered the proper ways of doing things in society.

For the last six years, there has been no noise out of Oneonta. The Sabbat had been winning the war between the Camarilla and the Sabbat for territory. Their power in Oneonta was significant, and the last known pack numbered about a dozen. Their last known base of operations was an "abandoned" house in Oneonta. A bunch of us went off with the Sheriff to investigate. Myself and Sven cloaked ourselves and went into the house. We found a Sabbat banner and someone screaming for help in the basement.. so we returned to the group and informed them of what was up. Miss Klein noticed a number of crows just hanging out in the bushes.. so she started talking to them. Turns out they were an early warning system. She's got a lot more information about who and what had been seen at the house.. and if the Sheriff of Oneonta reads this at some point, I'd suggest contacting her and purchasing it. If he needs her contact information, I'd be happy to sell it to him for a Trivial.

Sheriff Alec Schraaden and Sven came out of the house carrying a staked body, so we all returned to the now violated Elysium. As they placed the kindred on the table, he began to ash from the inside out. Apparently that "Chemistry of the Night" journal may just have a few interesting tidbits of information in it after all. And yes, there is already a qeue to borrow it.

The Prince declared Doctor Riggs to be Forsaken. He is bloodhunted in the domain of Oneonta and is accused of being the mastermind of the attacks on Elysia and the Kindred of Oneonta. The bloodhunt of this criminal saves the domain of Oneonta from falling into disgrace for the violation of their Elysia on their first night back in contact with the rest of the Camarilla.

If there are those looking for glory.. if there are those looking for new home.. if there are those looking to be of service to the Sect.. Oneonta could use your help.

For those that attended their return to civilization party, Prince Archibald granted each of us a Minor Boon. I only hope he keeps his praxis long enough for it to be of value to us.

- Rags
Master Harpy of Boston