10 April 2014 - According to Rags

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Boston is pleased to welcome Prince Nova Arpad's Sheriff, Lecsek The White who sought and received Hospitality in our domain for the next month. Sheriff Lecsek has noted that he was in town for some "Impactful Diplomacy" where he will be "making a splash and seeing who responds." Needless to say, his presence was an intriguing one and I look forward to meeting the Elder whom he serves at the upcoming Regional Conclave.

It saddened me that Sheriff Lecsek's first introduction to Boston would be my announcement of Censure upon five of our residents. Gabriel and Jayce Taelen of Clan Toreador, along with Primogen Montgomery Grant, Dr Deliberatta, and Sugar of Clan Gangrel were all found to be in violation of the societal norms of the Camarilla. It would seem that none of them had registered boons with any Harpy a fact that I discovered upon closely examining my records. I would note that Clan Gangrel, organized by their talented Primogen rallied to solve the issue swiftly. Clan Toreador.. not so much. None of the Gangrel remain under censure.. both of the Toreador still are. Should such continue through next month I believe I shall be having words with the Toreador Primogen.

During court her Majesty noted that several residents of Boston performed admirably in the defense of the Sect. Those individuals have all been granted personal territory in the city.

In a brazen and daring move, Elder Rook of Clan Brujah has found Favor in Primogen Carmichael of the Ventrue. And speaking of the Brujah.. Chris Sheridan is now Brujah Whip and is Favored by Elder Kincaid of the Brujah.

We had a visitor from Atlantic City.. the Lesser Harpy Simon Oliver Snow of clan Tremere. He shared with me the most interesting gossip involving a potential alliance between the Giovanni, the Setites, and the Assamites. I'd suggest seeking him out if you want to hear it.. but the gist of it boils down to "if your city has any of those in it.. Watch Out!"

Elder Allen of the Nosferatu had quite the night. I hear he's a killer poker player.. but more importantly he has been found to be Loyal by Primogen Boyd *and* Prince Fournier.

And then a Salon happened... which was also a Symbel thrown by Elder Biltmore of Clan Malkavian but stewarded by Mr Abrams of Clan Tremere and Elder Slynt of Clan Ravnos. Now you may remember that some kindred took the opportunity to insert their foot into their mouths during the last "salon" held in Boston, so this time around I was paid to put my Harpy notebook away. So I won't be dishing about who said what when.. what I will say is that there was quite a wonderful discussion on the priority of Love, Recognition, and Talent in our unlives. The Professor, Primogen of Clan Malkavian, was found to be Victorious in this Symbel as his contribution to the discussion was the most interesting to our stewards.

As the night was coming to a close, Prince Fournier announced that Chinatown is offlimits for the next 72 hours.. hence my rush to publish this report. If you are flying in from out of town to feast on Boston Marathoners.. make sure you aren't in Chinatown or you'll find yourself on the pointy end of the Sheriff's stick.

- Rags
Master Harpy of Boston
Loremaster of Clan Nosferatu

Chris Rhodes US2003041486

Addendum to April in Boston

Kindred ~

As noted my report was rushed.. so that you all might be informed to STAY OUT OF CHINATOWN per her Majesty's edict. I, of course, let an error of the pen slip through.. Mr Abrams is Tremere, not Toreador. Apologies to him.. But yes.. Tremere.. and a skilled one at that... I'd go so far as note his Acclaim within this domain and the entirety of the Sect

Also, I knew the identities of those who were to be rewarded before court.. I didn't post them because I hoped that those not present might want to do some digging and find out who received what territory. But if the Primogen Council requests it of me, I would be happy to update the domain.

I will also note that at the end of the night, and just made known to me, that Elder Biltmore found Favor in Scourge Fairfallen for her contribution in the Symbel. Though not victorious, he felt her contributions again warranted recognition.

- Rags
Master Harpy of Boston
Loremaster of Clan Nosferatu