11 June 2016 - According to Eliza Day

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So, here's my first ever Harpy Report.


Fashionably Late:

Sadly, I was not around to see the peaceful transition and elevation of Boston's new ruler - Elder Prince Markhus Wilhelm. Elder Prince Wilhelm has revealed his kind-nature, despite his length of boxes (he'll get it) by giving Elder Suriel thirty days to claim the position of Seneschal. In the interim, Barrington Price will hold the chair/title/belt.

And, with all that changes comes other changes:

Elder Damien Merrick of Clan Gangrel is the Sheriff.

Husam al Malik al Zafir Habr aka Malik of Clan Assamite is the Scourge.

Kestrel Sheridan of Clan Toreador is the Keeper of Elysium.

Congratulations to the Elder Prince on your new posse.

Oh, and Beacon Hill belongs to the former Prince, Queen Constance Fournier. So, it's wise to stay out of it, as I'm told.

Schools are for Cooties and...Demons:

So, apparently...demons exist. My beau tells me they are a thing. And, I will forever think of the wretched CGI of Spawn - thanks to several descriptions.

In one fight, there was Scourge Malik, Elder Allen, Isaac Jacobson, Ms. Shaw and Malcom Donovan versus three demons. Oh, and Mr. Allen's ghouled dog.

Needless to say, everyone survived the demon encounter...except for....Sorry, Elder Allen. I hope you're okay.

Apparently, the fight with the huge hell demon lasted 8 seconds, thanks to the Elder Sheriff, the Scourge, and Thumper. EIGHT SECONDS. That poor demon (not really). Did you give him time to sob?

Thumper bro-fisted that demon to death. Like this thing's head was the size of a mini-van, so imagine how big his fist was...and Thumper's fist hit the demon's fist...and the thing explodes into black dust. Cue my reaction

Ding dong, the demons are gone.

Who Whispers to Who:

Aedan Night of Clan Ravnos is my lovely little Talon. I am seeking another, so if you are interested, feel free to ping me.


So, here's my new Eliza rule on this one. I'm not going to make these public. It's WAY easier that way. Now, if you want me to, just ping me and we'll make a deal.

No Man's Land:

So, for thirty days, from the date of the gather, the territories of Chelsea; Everett, Malden & Revere; Stoneham, Saugus & Wakefield; and Winthrop are considered no-mans land.

Like, it was parlay, but that got confusing, so it's easier to say....stay the frak out of it until the Prince declares otherwise.

August Gather:

Rumor has it - you need a password to get into the gather. Whatever could it be? Is it the shave and a haircut knock? A whistle? Do you need to dance or perhaps...say a phrase? One never knows!

Those Silly Birds:

Did you know that scarab beetles can eat your face off?

Where did all the water go in the demon fight? Green fire...green water? Sam I am, anyone?

There is a bear missing from the zoo...

Barrington Price has a thing for owl rings. Owls, really. If you get him owls, he'll forever love you. What you do with that love...that's entirely up to you.

Thumper killed Bambi. Or so he says...

Servire Grigori and Keeper Kestrel seem to be spending a lot of time together. Whatever are they plotting?

Until next time!

Eliza Day

-- Laura US2002022925