11 May 2014 - According to Rags

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This is part 1, because the Regional Convocation hosted by Prince Fournier is but in a few scant weeks. Please make sure that if members of your domain are attending that they have spoken with the Primogen in Boston. Primogen will be supplying her Majesty and the Court Officers with a list of Kindred who RSVP'd in advance. Those Kindred will enter acknowledged, others will have to seek such if they are allowed to.

Last night the Kindred of Boston gathered.

I am incredibly happy to report that the outstanding matter between Mr Abrams and I is resolved to my satisfaction and early in the night I saw fit to remove the Warning I had given him. He understood my points, and has made proper recompense to me. Let it also be known that as Prince Fournier is the Authority in this domain she has removed the Warning that he suffered via the combined sanction of Elder Warden and Seneschal Grigory finding him to be Vulgar. This pleases me, as it means that my Lesser Harpy is once again standing on solid ground with a well deserved sterling reputation.

Just before my meeting with Mr Abrams, I was informed that one of the Primogen was attempting to foment dissent amongst the Primogency in order to remove me from office. A clever ploy on her part.. but, as you can see, I'm still Harpy. It was educational and entertaining to watch a circle of kindred who were preparing to toss me out of my position slowly realize that they had been played. That said, she and I sat down afterwards and she asked me to speak frankly with her and if we were good or not. I told her we were not.. and went on to clarify some things for her. We are good now though. So anyone thinking that they can attempt to use last nights upheaval between the Ventrue Primogen and the Harpy as a wedge will find themselves sorely disappointed. My relationship with those that empower me is stronger than ever.

As Court was about to begin, it was noted that the Elder Brujah Primogen and the Elder Sheriff was missing. I was tasked by her majesty to inform them their presence was required. Instead, a Giovanni named Zeke Rothstein took it upon himself to shout "Hey Yo" at the two Elders to get their attention. Needless to say neither Elder was pleased with being addressed in such an informal and rude manner. I Warned the Giovanni that he should pay closer attention to his manners.. to which he offered me a Trivial Boon. I quickly pointed out that any apology should go to the Elders whom he insulted and not the Harpy. He offered them a Trivial each in a manner that left one doubting his sincerity.. but as they both accepted the Triviality I removed the Warning.

Mr Abrams then announced that he was hosting a Symbel. Over the next month individuals of our domain have the opportunity to present information leading to the discovery of who was behind an attack on the personal domain of a kindred. The individual coming up with the best information or the identity of the individuals to blame will be Victorious. Good luck to those who are competing.. and I pray they didn't do the stupid thing.

"What stupid thing?" you may be asking. Remember Zeke? Well, he attempted to involve himself in the Symbel making it known that he wanted to win it. Symbel's being Camarilla Affairs.. and he not being able to hold the Victorious reputation winning one would grant.. one wonders why he wanted to participate so badly. When that was pointed out to him by the +Courteous+ Primogen Carmichael, he opted to begin to approach kindred to sell them his assistance so that they might win. I will be Crystal Clear on this matter.. if it is discovered that members of this domain have taken up Zeke on his offer there will be consequences for such action. The Promise exists for a reason. Employing a Giovanni is acceptable at some times for some things.. winning a Symbel is not one of those things.

Zeke also expressed great concern about the Necromantic Registration.. apparently his GIovanni cousins didn't inform him such would be necessary. He then claimed to "not have" necromancy. Is that even possible? Don't all the neonates of a clan have at least a basic understanding of their disciplines? Or does the Giovanni Blood have bloodlines in it that do not hold facility with Necromancy? Interesting questions to ponder.

It pleases me to note that Elder Allen now carries Elder Warden's favor.

Also, the Tremere and Ventrue Primogen each now owe me a Minor Boon.

- Rags
Master Harpy of Boston
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