13 July 2014 - According to Rags

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Court was called early in the night, after some time for the kindred to gather and socialize. It was evident to all that our Queen was in a foul mood.. and though some of us tried our best to lighten the Queen's mood, many preferred to stay out of her way and pray that they did not draw her gaze upon them.

During court the Brujah had business for the Domain. Elder Kincaid asked the Toreador if there was a Primogen or Whip present. You see, Elder Primogen Acosta, has been notably absent of late and it has made the business of the Primogen Council difficult to conduct. In addition, he still owes several individuals (including the Harpy) details about an event he hosted - and the prestation that traded hands during said event. The Toreador have been asked to remind Elder Acosta that if he is not present, he should name a Whip so that business of the domain can be conducted and accountability for his Clan can continue without his presence. I hope he attends to the outstanding business on his plate before next months gather.. or I may have harsher words for the Elder Primogen. Rumor is though, that Elder Acosta named Ms Renner as his Whip.. and though she claimed the position later in the night, one wonders why she allowed Scourge Fairfallen to answer to Elder Kincaid's inquiry.

Primogen Kincaid announced that there were left over issues surrounding the events of the last several months and the Fall River Duo. For those not current with Boston Gossip.. a Toreador and Nosferatu from Fall River have committed a number of crimes in Boston. They burned down the Ventrue Primogen's building, striking at her resources.. they assaulted the Malkavian Primogen.. and now, we find out they have burned down a Haven belonging to the deceased childe of Elder Kincaid. Elder Kincaid demanded recompense from the Toreador and the Nosferatu Primogen, as it was members of their Clans that screwed up.

To note.. the Nosferatu handled this quickly. Primogen Boyd has registered the debts owed to Elder Kincaid, Primogen Carmichael & Primogen Hinkley. As is required by the courtesies of the Ivory Tower surrounding prestation, the issues with the Fall River Duo have been settled by the Nosferatu and accepted by The Brujah, The Ventrue, and The Malkavians who each held valid grievances. The Toreador stated that they needed to "bring this to Elder Acosta, as none of them could speak for their Elder." We await his statement and resolution to the aggrieved parties.

The Nosferatu then took this a step further. Having a good working relationship with Mr Stone, Sheriff of Fall River, Elder Allen called upon the Sheriff and asked him to handle the matter. The ashes of the offending criminals were delivered to Mr Allen, and were spirits touched and vouched for by the Malkavian Primogen.

After Court it was my pleasure to make the acquaintance of Primogen Ella Foster of Philadelphia. I found her bearing and presence to be quite Courteous, and look forward to getting to know her better.

Elder Kincaid took a moment to inform me that Grigori shall now be serving as the Noble Primogen of the Brujah.

Because of information recieved by the Elder Sheriff, Sebastian of Clan Brujah, Formal Court was called a second time towards the end of the night. The Sheriff informed us that enemies were gathering to the North. It is believed that remnants of the Sabbat flock to a banner that is potentially being flown as a Crusade. The Elder Sheriff urges those reading to prepare themselves, for war may be coming to the Northeast.

Prince Fournier spoke passionately and reinforced the Sheriff's message with the weight of her throne behind it. She also urged us all to forget our grievances with one another. It is time to work together for the good of the Ivory Tower.

Prince Fournier also wished to remind Elder Biltmore of Clan Malkavian that he is not a Prince, and that he does not have the Authority to grant domain to anyone. His personal domain is recognized by Her Majesty but he holds the city of Danvers and no more. He is tasked to speak with Her Majesty.

At the close of Court, two of our distinguished visitors were given leave to speak by Her Majesty. First, Elder Prince Eirik Alexson of Philadelphia found Primogen Avery Carmichael to be worthy of his Favor.. and then, Elder Primogen William Edric of Philadelphia found Phoebe Saltonstall to be worthy of his Favor.

Lastly, I am deeply honored to note that Elder Nathaniel Rutherford of Clan Brujah has considered my request and graciously accepted my offer to serve as a Talon. Let it be known that Elder Rutherford shall serve as Guardian when I am not present, and that if there are questions of Tradition or Courtesy he is yet another resource for the domain to call upon. His wisdom, counsel, and perspective is deeply valued by this Master Harpy and I look forward to working with him.
Most of the night can be summed up with the following quote from a notable kindred..
"I think my hat is too tight." - Torrance Fairfallen, Scourge of Boston

Indeed, Scourge Fairfallen, indeed.

- Rags
Master Harpy of Boston
Loremaster of Clan Nosferatu


  • Rags uses passive of +Prominent+ to award Ella Foster of Philly +Courteous+
  • Kincaid loses Noble as he is no longer Brujah Primogen
  • Grigori gains Noble as he is now Brujah Primogen
  • Eirik Alexson spends Established to grant Avery Carmichael Favored
  • William Edric spends Established to grant Phoebe Saltonstall Favored
  • Nathaniel Rutherford is a Lesser Harpy, gains Guardian (abiding) when the Master Harpy is not present

Acknowledged Prominent Noble Guardian Loyal Courteous Honorable Favored Favored

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