14 September 2014 - According to Rags

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September in Boston saw a few interesting things of note..

First, the announcement of the winner of August's Symbel. Congratulations go to the +Victorious+ Scourge Fairfallen who provided me the most tasty bits of gossip in the ways I asked for them to be submitted. In the future, competing parties, should follow instructions better.. or have juicer stories to share.

Second, we were graced with a visit from Prince Michael Cayhill. That's right, Prince Cayhill visited the domain of Elder Brujah Prince Constance Fournier.. and they both survived the night. I was amused to watch Prince Cayhill hold an open conversation with a number of individuals. Many numbered amongst his familial relations coterie mates.. but a few were newer to the domain.

There are several quotes from this conversation that I wish to regale you all with...

  • "I decline to be charmed by their rogue and outlaw ways." Prince Cayhill (in reference to the Thorne family)
  • "The Toreador Clan made a poor choice in their clanhead and one had to die because of it." -Prince Cayhill
  • "Do the things you are good at. Be you, and you will be successful." -Prince Cayhill
  • "My skills are whoring, gambling, and fighting." -Elder Goring
  • "Those who fail to adapt become victims of Evolution." -Prince Cayhill
  • "The Thornes are trying to be renegades on purpose. Jimmy Thorne and his involvement in the murder in L.A., Occam and his constant nonsense. They don't stop to think how their actions affect those around them." -Prince Cayhill

It was also interesting hearing Prince Cayhill explain how the Ventrue have come to serve the Camarilla by being the people who put individuals who want work in touch with the work which needs doing. A few of us questioned the Elder Ventrue.. for it was we who were raised on tales of the Blood of Kings, of the Nobility and Leadership that infused their Vitae inspiring domains to wade into battle behind them.. of the Mastery of Self and Others that expresses itself in their very Gifts of Blood. But to hear it now (and from an Elder no less) the Kings have given up their thrones.. nay, they have "adapted" so as to not become "victims of evolution" and are now essentially the H.R. Department of the Camarilla, making sure people who want work are employed with work that fulfills them and the needs of the Sect. A noble service indeed. Really though, it was most peculiar how polite he was.. though he certainly (and vocally) holds some ill opinions of the Toreador clanhead.

In other news..

For publicly protecting the Masquerade and for upholding the Traditions while uncovering and dealing with a situation, let it be known that Marisa Boyd, Delores Rayleigh, Julia Marx, and Cale Hawthorne are to be lauded for their swift and thoughtful actions. Let us all bask in their +Acclaim+ and may the domain and the Ivory Tower continue to be enriched for their presence, their thoughts, and their deeds.

And even as the younger amongst us rise, sometimes the Elders amongst us fall... For failing to uphold the duties of Primogen, for failing to register debts that were paid as an entry fee to him, for failing to distribute those debts to their rightful parties, for failing to offer prestation or proper apology to the offended, for all that and more.. as +Guardian+ of the social conscience of the Camarilla I find Elder Acosta of Clan Toreador to be a -Disgrace-. It is a sad day when the recently released behave better and with a keener mind than an Elder of our Sect. Hopefully such words will motivate him to make right his sins against city and individual.

Thankfully, the new Toreador Primogen Sofie Renner has done a remarkable job in attempting to clean up the mess of her Elder. And had I not previously bestowed my words upon her reputation, she surely would have earned them now. As thanks to her, I offer her a Trivial favor.

The individual known as Tom is now my Ward. He is to be considered unreleased and under my Accounting until such time I determine he is able to stand in society upon his own merit.

Rumours of a death in Atlantic City have reached our domain.. and there is one who is particularly interested in the details of the death of Simon Snow. Could the Harpy of Atlantic City speak on such? His sire would like to hear the story. If payment is required, I can put you in touch with his sire to negotiate such.

- Rags Master Harpy of Boston Loremaster of Clan Nosferatu


Acknowledged Prominent Noble Guardian Loyal Courteous Courageous Favored Favored


  • +Victorious+ awarded to Torrance Fairfallen from August's Symbel
  • Awarding +Acclaimed+ to Marisa Boyd, Julia Marx, Delores Rayleigh, Cale Hawthorne through passive use of Noble
  • Expending +Guardian+ to label Agapito Acosta a -Disgrace-

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