15 October 2014 - According to Rags

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On a dreary October Night, the Kindred gathered in small groups and made their way to a hidden stair in the side of a building just outside Harvard Square. Deep into the earth they wandered.. following the glowing lights of small candles embedded into sconces in the walls. An eerie music began to tease them onward as they entered the uppermost reaches of the Warrens.

The Nosferatu of Boston, under my invitation and suggestion, opened the abandoned Harvard Square station for a Masquerade Ball. With our Prince and Seneschal occupied, the Kindred of Boston gathered to enjoy the Night.

Though what would a night out be without a trip to a Graveyard, led by Scourge Fairfallen? It's been wondered aloud if she's developed a certain fascination with the lairs of the dead and the bloodshed that has been found therein. Regardless, she makes an excellent tour guide.

Let it be known that I have found the Nosferatu known as Jane to be quite +Courteous+ in her dealings with the local kindred. I look forward to her continued presence in Boston.

Rumours abound.. could love have been found in the underground? Elder Goring was overheard asking Primogen Carmichael out on a date. And Primogen Carmichael accepted his offer. A sampling of illicit activities is on the menu.. as Elder Goring seeks to stir the ladies baser instincts. Virtue or Vice? The Lady or The Scoundrel? Whom shall come out on top?

Also, we wish to welcome Elder Joshua Weatherstone of House Constantinian to Boston pending her Majesty's acknowledgement. It seems that Prince Cayhill's visit was more of a scouting mission to see if his childe could safely roost in Boston's rafters. Though Elder Weatherstone says he is only here for the money, it remains to be seen what else he is here for. There are several quotes that merit sharing... "Elder Acosta is busy with his art." -Jace Taylen offering a poor excuse for the Elders continued absence "Boons in tacky leather pants." -Elder Kincaid about a certain disgraced Toreador "Everything amuses me. It's not my fault." -Elder Nate "If an Elder gives you a House, do you live in it?" -Elder Bridgette of the Gangrel to a Neonate

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