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The Embrace

Another party, another noble, another night pretending she loved her husband. Or more importantly, that he cared about her.
She went to her sitting room and stared out the window watching and seeing nothing. It was France, 1687 in Paris and she could
already hear her husband engaging with this mistress down the hall. The sounds of their romp drove Marguerette out onto the balcony
and away from them. On the balcony Marguerette could think and see the entire city and began to let her mind wander.

Marguerette was only fifteen years old when she was married off to her husband, Gerard; a minor Baron in Bourbon, France.
It wasn’t that he had a consort, this was France after all. It was that he stopped acknowledging her existence.
It was that he fired the governess and made her do it instead. She was miserable and wanted completely out of this life.

Marguerette’s mind continued to wander so long that she didn’t see Gabriella pop up inside her room.

“Hey Maggie… are they at it again, right?”

Marguerette turned to look at her taller, free sister and nods slowly. “I don’t think I can stand it anymore.”

Gabriella gave her a winning smile “I have something for you, a way to escape all of this dear sister.”

“Do you?” Marguerette turned toward her sister, eyes tired.

“Yes…we talked about it. He’s waiting. Come on. You can do and be whatever you want.” Gabriella stood quietly staring at her sister “He’s waiting.”

“You’re insane” Marguerette responded and then looked out over the city again. Down below she saw a man, leaning against the wall.
The man was looks up at the balcony. She shivered despite herself and turned toward Gabriella. “You’re sure?”

“Yes Cherie and we’ll be together, you and me no one will tell us anything ever again.” Gabriella offers her hand over to Marguerette “Mags?”

Marguerette looked at her sister one more time and then back down to the man. This was the moment. Gabriella had been asking her for weeks now and
Marguerette had been confused. Living forever, no longer being part of the world, but owning it. All these things confused Marguerette. Just then the sounds
of her husband and consort became loud enough to permeate out to the balcony. Marguerette rolled her eyes, looked at Gabriella one more time and took her hand.

“Let’s go..”