16 November 2014 - According to Rags

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November in Boston was quite interesting.. as mortal men began to think what they were thankful for in life.. the Kindred of Boston were reminded of what they should be thankful for in death, and many began plans to defend those things at any cost.

Three times the Seers cried warning.. and three times the Visions came to fruition.

And while the Seers and Warriors of the Ivory Tower did what we do best.. Court continued on.

Her Majesty called Elder Goring forward during court to present to him a hat.. and the following exchange took place : "May you never rob a Prince again." - Her Majesty "At least not get caught doing so." - Elder Goring For the curious.. apparently quite sometime ago Elder Goring stopped Her Majesty's stagecoach. And along with whatever valuables were taken, he robbed The Queen of her dress. When the Elder first stumbled into Her Majesty's Court, she took his hat from him until her dress was returned.

Apparently things have been made right. Stagecoach drivers everywhere rejoice.

Mr Joshua Weatherstone and Myrmidon Goodman Goring were reported to have had a rather heated conversation. It seems that the Myrmidon's feelings for Dr Avery Carmichael continue to grow.. and he found in himself the desire to protect our Ventrue Primogen. It was for that reason that the Myrmidon approached the Macchiavellan Prodigy and asked him if there was an Elder of the Kings to lay claim to the Ventrue of the City. Mr Weatherstone must have been confused as he stated that the Clan supports itself as a whole. Myrmidon Goring insisted then that he would provide personal protection to Primogen Carmichael as she had been an enchanting Go player. At some point in the conversation Mr Weatherstone claimed offense to the Elder's Hat and begged permission to withdraw from the room. There were raised voices.. and rumour has it a briefly raised veil.. but cool heads prevailed as expected of such luminaries of the Ivory Tower.

Though one wonders what Dr Avery Carmichael will do with the Prodigy of her House and her Suitor at odds.

Towards the end of the night an Amnesiac Caitiff arrived. He's been nicknamed John Green, so that we might call him something and a reputation might be attached to him. Through the investigation it seems that his Amnesia is medically induced from before his embrace and not post-embrace nefariousness. Though I have to say.. it was impressive watching a room of predators have their hackles rise as a kindred arrives and says that he woke awake and alone in an isolated medical theater knowing only that vampires are real, sunlight is bad, and that The Queen would be present tonight and he needed to meet her. The Tremere have been charged with his security in regards to the City since the Nosferatu took the last refugee turned ward of the state.

And for those keeping track..

  • the Machiavellan Prodigy, Elder Joshua Weatherstone is acknowledged by Her Majesty.
  • Damian of the Gangrel is acknowledged by Her Majesty
  • Johanna Webber has returned to Boston and is re-acknowledged by Her Majesty.

Oh... and someone owes me their Life.

  • Rags
  • Master Harpy of Boston

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