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The candles were alight across the room and the chandeliers, casting small shadows on an otherwise busy room of swirling color and the
fanciful faces of monsters, fairies and jesters. Like Moses parting the red sea, one man cut through the throng of people.
He wore horns and the costume of a devil. The women gravitated toward him and he danced with them all, staying only long enough to make
them want him even more. The Libertine was in rare form.

There was one he lingered with most, one who’s pull he found almost impossible to resist; she dressed an angel this evening, as though knowing
it would draw his attention. She allowed him to chase after her, choosing to be the one he chased instead of chasing him. This game had gone
on for several years and many parties.

But tonight things were going to be different.

The angel lead her devil off the dance floor and into the gardens of the house. It was there he received all he’d wanted from her and more.
They came together without a word, the passion of their kiss intense in its insistence. They still wore their masks as they tore away each other’s
clothing. He was not gentle nor was he unkind as he laid her on the ground before him. As he entered her, her true nature became apparent to him as
she bit into his neck and began to drink. Unable to stop himself he continued moving with her their joining would be his last in life.

This night, Analiese Kingsley embraced her first child, Alonzo