17 December 2014 - According to Rags

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For those keeping track of the relationship between the Ventrue Primogen, Avery Carmichael, and the Nosferatu Myrmidon, Elder Goring... it would seem that Ms Carmichael has earned the Myrmidon's Favor. Whether it was for her understanding of Virtues or Vices, the good Elder is not saying. However, he has made it quite clear that she is now under his personal protection.

The Seers of the Court conferred and were once again surprised that their Visions were shared. A knife in the back, and a city cracked in half. Attack? Betrayal? Warning? None were sure, but we would find out as events of the evening unfolded.

Reports of attacks on Anarchs north of Boston filtered in. Sabbat involvement was suspected. Though the Sabbat we have captured and destroyed have claimed they are not here for Boston but that they wish to claim territory in New York state. It is clear to us that they are searching for someone or something, and the Scourge has been tasked to scout further and to take action if needed.

A number of notables graced our court with their presence, and we were quite glad to see their familiar faces. Clanhead Chandra de Soissones of the Malkavians and Prince Alexson of Philadelphia were introduced, along with Elder Frost of the Toreador and Elder Edric of the Ventrue & Ms Sid of the Brujah.

And then an Anarch interrupted her majesties court. William Blake stepped forward to introduce Leah Winters to the Scourge and to ask Ms Fairfallen for permission for her to remain in Boston. Naturally eyebrows arched and the Queen turned her full attention onto the Anarch. It was explained to Mr Blake that permission was not Ms Fairfallen's to give, but the Queen's. Mr Blake apologized, but did so without offering prestation. I reminded him that an act such as this is insulting on many levels, and that he should consider offering prestation to her Majesty for such. He reluctantly offered the Queen a Major debt which I recorded. I then -warned- William Blake to not make these same mistakes in the future, as the Queen and her Court is likely to be far less forgiving.

And then the Assamites attacked. The visions were literal as the individual appeared and attempted to place his weapon in the Queen's back. He immediately attempted to escape and was subdued. Grigory and I, along with Elder Slynt of the Ravnos moved to interrogate Azzem. It was revealed that one other traveled with him, and we made plans to move against their den.

As discussions of replacing our Keeper of Elysia with a competent one began, Elder Prince Alexson offered to be our Scourge so that Ms Fairfallen might be moved into the position of Keeper. The surprise and shock from the visiting contingent of kindred was pretty amazing. Though we appreciated the offer, her majesty has decided to look to the Kindred of Boston to fill the positions of her Court.

Elder Prince Alexson's response was thus - "If someone challenges the praxis of Constance Fournier, I will kill them and everything they care about.. down to the girl they took to prom. And though I agree that Her Majesty does not Need him to do this for her, his fondness for her would require it of him."

So let it be recorded and known. Challenge our Queen and your Prom Date and probably lots of other people you know and care about will be slaughtered.

Prince Fournier had this to say in response to Elder Prince Alexson - "I know where you sleep."

In other quotable moments.. Torrance Fairfallen stated "I don't have toe jam, I'm a Toreador."

Elder Frost has bestowed his Favor on Sugar of Clan Gangrel. Elder Rook has bestowed his Favor on Elder Frost.

- Rags

  • Master Harpy of Boston
  • Loremaster of Clan Nosferatu


Acknowledged Prominent Noble Guardian Loyal Courteous Courageous Favored Triumphant


  • using passive ability of harpy status to name William Blake -warned- as he is an anarch this applies to his interactions with camarilla members only
  • Frost grants +Favored+ to Sugar
  • Rook grants +Favored+ to Frost