19 February 2015 - According to Rags

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February in Boston was a quiet month. A snow filled month.

Last year, we saw the Toreador host a fantastic event.. one that encouraged us all to let down our hair & to explore the morality in our hearts. It was an event filled with prose & poetry, challenge & conversation, etiquette & the complete mismanagement of prestation that led to the disgracing of an Elder Rose who has still not seen fit to show his face in public... *sigh*.

This year, I was hoping for something similar.. minus the disgraced Elder bit. Alas, it seems our Toreadors forgot that it was the month to celebrate Love.. to inspire us to be better hearted.. and instead we had a very quiet, very quick court amidst the frozen wasteland that is the Northeast at the moment.

No new business was brought forth for her Majesty to deal with.. save for the acknowledgement of a few Kindred. Theodore Wellington of Clan Ventrue & Devin Johnson of Clan Tremere were both acknowledged in Her Majesty's domain. But just as we were about to move on.. Silas, of the Setites, an Emissary to the Camarilla stepped forward.

The room held it's breath, ironic considering we don't actually have to breathe, as we waited to see how Her Majesty would react to the Snake. In the momentary silence he declared that Wellington and Johnson were /HIS/ associates. Archon Kincaid quickly stepped forward and very kindly (and freely) suggested he correct his speech.. and name himself /THEIR/ associate.

He made the suggested change in verbiage and Her Majesy extended her Tolerance to the presence of Silas. The Scourge is asked not to behead the Snake unless he proves himself to have no value to the praxis and the domain, or unless she has a very good reason.

And then Court was dismissed.

For those paying attention.. they noticed that all the Nosferatu disappeared twice during the night. Once was for a Clan meeting.. and once was to handle some business. That said, if locals have contacts amongst the Anarchs in Lynn.. they should talk to me.

Immediately after court, Archon Kincaid requested a private word with me. And gladly did I go with him to another part of the building. Upon the stairs we stood talking quietly when down the stairs did come Elder Goring. Greetings between the Elder and the Archon were exchanged. Elder Goring made some reference to unfinished business and then he did strike the Archon a mighty blow. Down the stairs did the Archon go. As I Vanished from sight the Elder left up the stairs he had so recently descended, and Kincaid was left peering up them from behind his sunglasses.

To Elder Goring I say this.. February of last year, we were reminded of our Humanity.. of what makes us better than beasts, better than those we fight against. Violence should never be our first recourse. I'm -Warning- you Elder Goring, there are those that think you needed to be reminded of this.

To Archon Kincaid, I say this. When a Prince and a Harpy are assured that a matter is settled. It should remain such. If you are unable to guarantee such, you should not declare such.

- Rags
Master Harpy of Boston
Loremaster of Clan Nosferatu

(( ooc : passive of Guardian to -Warn- Goodman Goring, he does not spend his Favored to cxl it. -Warned- is applied to his status. ))


Acknowledged Prominent Noble Guardian Loyal Courteous Courageous Favored Triumphant

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