2014 NRV Toreador Ball

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Out-of-Character Information

Dates: March 21-22, 2014
Nearby Hotels:
Hotel Roanoke
110 Shenandoah Ave NW, Roanoke, VA 24016

The Inn on Campbell
118 Campbell Ave, Roanoke VA 24011

Holiday Inn Roanoke-Tanglewood
4468 Starkey Rd, Roanoke VA 24018
Note: Holiday Inn Tanglewood is the host site for Saturday's Accord venue

These will be Featured Games of the Month for their respective venues.

Game 1 Friday, 3/21, 7:00 PM. Werewolf: the Apocalypse

Location: Craig G's home in the Blue Ridge Mountains. RAIN location TBA.
VST Craig G for directions, approval, etc

Game 2 Saturday 3/22, 12:00-5:00 PM. New World of Darkness: Accord

Location: Holiday Inn Tanglewood, Roanoke, VA. Ballrooms C and D. Catering will be provided.
VST Justin Sisson

Game 3 Saturday, 3/22, 7:00 PM. Vampire - the Masquerade (Camarilla/Anarch)

Location: Blue5 restaurant. Shuttle service may be available but carpooling is appreciated. Catering will be provided.
VST: Patrick Shelor
Important: This document will help you find Blue 5 and its nearby parking!

Site Fees: In lieu of site fees at all venues, donations will be accepted for the Mind's Eye Society scholarship and for the Blue Ridge Autism Center.

In-Character Information, Vampire: the Masquerade - Cam/Anarch Venue

IC Hostess: Sybille d'Abancourt, Elder Toreador, Primogen of the New River Valley
IC Email: mountainwitch@gmail.com
Backstory: For some years Sybille d'Abancourt has hosted a spring-time ball in the New River Valley. The ball celebrates the arts, particularly those most civilized, and this year promises to be a special social occasion for all: the presentation of a new prince in the New River Valley.

IC Invitation

Mesdames et Messieurs,
It shall soon be springtime once again, and thank heavens for that! As the shy sun comes out of hiding, the days grow longer, enticing warm-blooded creatures to emerge from the safe repose of their winter dens. Though we will have fewer hours of darkness in which to play, the return of fairer weather brings other bounties, and this in itself is something to celebrate.
The generous Prince William Maxwell Cartwright of the New River Valley has graciously opened his domain to all visitors who wish to join my annual Springtime Soirée, to be held on March 22 in Roanoke, Virginia. Let us spend the evening in refined company, surrounded by the delights of fine music and art. Let us seize the opportunity to sparkle and shine in our best attire, and entertain one another through our natural gifts of wit and charm. Let us rejoice in the stalwart longevity of the Camarilla, and the many seasons it has persevered.
I am honored to be your hostess, and ever so hopeful to see you there.
Sybille d'Abancourt
Elder Primogen of the Rose
Pulaski, Virginia

OOC: If you play a Toreador, please do consider donating some of your art for exhibition even if you will be unable to attend. You may send pictures and narrative descriptions to April Asbury at mountainwitch@gmail.com. Thank you!

In-Character Information: Werewolf the Apocalypse

IC Call for Aid

So the mountains of Southwest Virginia have a venereal disease known as Wyrm Taint. Any free bodies that can be spared to come drop some fuzzy Gaian penicillin on it would be greatly appreciated.
What I mean by that is there is a Hive/Pit and around 15 BSD and other enemies etc. Come get your claws dirty.
We’ve done the reconnoitering and we have the ways in and out we just need more combatants to have a reasonable chance at success. Please spread the word.
Pizza party beforehand.
Glasswalker catered boozefest afterwards. As soon as I find a Glasswalker. Volunteers?
FYI Fera are welcome on our Cairn
Any RSVP’s can go through myself I’ll let our Alpha know. His paws don’t work well on a keyboard.

Adren Ahroun Bonegnawer
Alpha of Junkyard Howlers
Sept of the Dragonfly

OOC: DST Contact = jaherman@vt.edu
VST Contact = craig.e.goad@gmail.com
Click here for the NRV's Werewolf: The Apocalypse Venue Style Sheet

In-Character Information: Accord

This event will be a prelude to the NE Regional Event's Accord Venue-- contact Justin Sisson for additional details.

Roanoke Times

A missing Cornwall, Connecticut teen was found wandering the Roanoke River Greenway just after dawn on Thursday. The teen attacked Sadie Akins, a jogger and local resident who managed to fend off the hysterical assault before calling 911.

“She was screaming about monsters from the ‘Flying Dutchman’ and trying to claw my glasses off my face. She didn’t have any shoes on, cuts all over her and she was soaking wet. She had to have hypothermia, the way she was carrying on.”

Due to the age of the teen, the Carilion Roanoke Memorial hospital will not release her current condition, though they state she will likely be in the hospital under observation ‘for some time’. The local police force has refused to comment on how the teen ended up so far from home and why she was found in her current condition. Sadie says she is not going to press charges, likely to the relief of the parents of the wayward teen whose only comment to the press was “We just want to get her home now and get her help.”

Roanoke Star

Locals were stunned today when local artist John McAdams and his family were found dead in their Virginia farm house today. The sheriffs department says that all evidence points to a murder/suicide.

John McAdams was estranged from his wife Judith after she joined the Church of the Ultimate Truth in July of last year and subsequently moved her 2 children and herself to the idyllic gated community “Church Hills’” run by the local branch of the Church of the Ultimate Truth. Her husband was detained twice trying to break onto her property there; Once by local police and a second time by the private security force that patrols the grounds. The second time, police and neighbors urged her to get a restraining order and have John detained for mental issues.

Transcripts of the arrest records show that John was increasingly paranoid about the safety of his children in that setting. He claimed they were being brainwashed and ‘transformed’ into something monstrous. He was held for a 72 hour psychiatric evaluation just 4 days before he ended his life and that of his family. Despite many accusations of cult like behavior, the Church of the Ultimate Truth retains it open door policy to any who inquire or wish to speak with it’s members.

The sheriffs department adamantly maintains that John was delusional. Judith and her family were seen on multiple occasions outside of the gated community and still maintained contact with her relatives. On a few occasions her children even slept at their grandparents or cousin’s home, belying John’s accusation that his children were not allowed outside the gates. “It’s truly terrible that someone’s mind can lead them so far from the real truth of a matter.” The sheriff said in a news conference about the case. “Judith had becoming increasingly worried that John would try to take the children and leave the country if they were outside alone. This man made his own fantasy a reality by terrorizing his family.” No one from the Carilion Roanoke Memorial hospital, where John was temporarily confined would comment on John’s mental stability.

Judith was a school teacher at the Churchhill Urban Technical School, a school run mostly by donations from the Church of the Ultimate Truth. The school is private but serves the general public with scholarships and lottery entrance opportunities. Both children attended the school, were receiving good grades and were adjusting well to their new home according to transcripts from domestic investigations instigated by John.

The spokesperson for the Church of the Ultimate Truth released a statement saying ‘Judith, Michael and Sandra McAdams will be missed terribly by all 200 residents of the Church Hills community. Their lives were cut abruptly short by a poorly misguided individual who could not see the light of the Truth. We will be holding a public memorial service in the McAdams honor on Saturday, March 22nd and have set up a fund to receive donations in their name to fund additional learning programs for our school here in the community of Church Hills.’