2015 Toreador Ball

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Mes amis:

1945. What a year!

Reminisce with me; recall the joy and relief we felt at the decisive conclusion to a truly horrific war, and remember that electric feeling in the air of a new day about to dawn. A great evil had been defeated, justice prevailed, and anything seemed possible.

America's victory brought with it an era of undisputed economic, cultural, and military dominance that historians would later refer to as a Golden Age. And now I think that, in many ways, the Camarilla is experiencing a Golden Age of its own.

Although pockets of resistance remain, our sect has crushed the rebellion, and the unaligned clans have been corralled into obeisance as well. Uncontested and unconstrained by any outside enemy, we Kindred of the Ivory Tower sleep our days away in safety and feed by night without fear. The war parties of years past have been replaced by genteel gatherings where clever and civil discourse wins favor, where Tradition and courtesy reign supreme. We are beautiful and splendid and strong as never before.

I feel like celebrating. In that glad spirit, I have secured permission to invite all Kindred who have traveled to the Conclave in Roanoke to a July 4th Victory Ball. Come, and together let us shine like the stars.

Sybille d'Abancourt
Elder Primogen of the Rose
Grand Hostess of the Timeless Hand

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Toreador in good standing and their select friends will be welcome to relax in an exclusive VIP area. In addition to the opportunity for Toreador guests to perform and win charity money, there will be politics, rumor-mongering, and voting on measures proposed for the Conclave. (If your character would like to perform, please contact B. Riley to reserve time.) The following symbels have also been announced:

  • Sybille d'Abancourt will offer a challenge to neonates to test their social acumen and resourcefulness.
  • Edriac Dietrich will award status to whoever predicts the voting outcome with greatest accuracy.
  • Alonso Gutierrez wants to hear your best bawdy limerick.


Sybille d'Abancourt
Mal Walker
Laszlo Bako
Reading Gaol
Sebastian Frost
Lilliana Grace
Temperence Valentine
Viveka von Daun
Fianna McMannis
Don Rogelio Delarosa
"Havok" Mac Brea
Jarod Howlett

Franziskus Winter
Clarence Charles Merrick
Calvin Hastings
Eileen Vargas
Geoffrey Plantagenet
Xavier Guard
George St. Martin
Marina Del Ray
Crawford Leery
Antimony Larkworthy
Wernerus von Marienburg
Elena Hellenbach

Alonso Gutierrez
Reginald Puddle
Kasserine Powell
Brigid Loxley
Adrienne Maxwell
Elijah Hunter
Caroline Hunter
Alexander Konrad
Alicia Vangelista
Robert Flack
Sir Luca
Callistus Santiago
Claudia Voclain

Edriac Jaeger Dietrich
Tyrus of Acre
Veronica Devries
Kenneth Skelton
Torrance Fairfallen
Jokero Lorenzo Anansi
Opal Smith
Phillip Strouse
Benton Malory
Nathaniel Rutherford
Marco Alvarez Escobar
Devina Wallace

TB2015Deco2.png TB2015Rumors.png

  • Alsdair Dunsirn, the Elder Giovanni "Primogen" and Harpy of the New River Valley, was pressured to step aside so someone else could serve in his stead during the Conclave. How do you suppose he feels about that?
  • The forsaken Nosferatu Elder, Goodman Goring, was last seen in the Roanoke area. Might he turn up as an unwanted guest? What new villainy might he be plotting?
  • Some people have some sore toes after learning that the Primus Inter Pares, Alexander Konrad, was selected without any input from the kindred of Roanoke.
  • Founder Rafael de Corazon was a surprise guest at the Conclave. Maybe he'll also make an appearance at the Ball!
  • Orenna is cooking up some "surprise" for the Ball. Is she hoping to steal the show from Sybille?
  • Add more rumors here!

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