21 April 2015 - On the Death of Francisco Domingo de Polonia and the Triumphant Disgrace of Goodman Goring

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The Kindred of Boston are still reeling from the events of last night. The Sabbat resurgent made move on the Museum of Fine Arts led by Bishop Francisco Domingo de Polonia, once Cardinal of the Northeast until he lost New York City and Montreal to the glorious warriors of the Ivory Tower. While his pack struck at the Museum of Fine Arts, Bishop Polonia struck at the Masquerade.

Her Majesty, the Sovereign Queen of Boston, Prince Fournier, placed Polonia under Bloodhunt and called the Domain to defend what is ours. The longer tale will be told in my Harpy report within the next few weeks.. but it should be noted that the bloodhunted Bishop was destroyed last night at the hands of Goodman Goring. Let the Camarilla know, Goodman Goring is triumphant in his hunt.

But what tale of Goodman Goring would stop there?
No.. there is definitely more to tell.

By now the rumors have spread like wildfire. Goodman Goring was brought before a Justicar by Archon Steiner. Many had not heard from the Elder until his reappearance in Boston this weekend. In truth, he was delivered back to Boston by His Grace's agents with a report of his behavior. True to form, Goodman Goring felt it appropriate to be in the bottom of his cups upon meeting His Grace, Justicar Pieterzoon.

This behavior, this carousing, and brutish behavior is disgraceful. It sets a horrible example for those beneath the Elder. It is a pattern, and it needs to stop. When given the opportunity to be in the presence of His Grace, Goodman Goring felt it appropriate to act the fool. Such will not be tolerated. Not by His Grace, not by Her Majesty, and certainly not by this Harpy.

Upon my leveraging the censure of the sect upon him, Goodman Goring removed his weaponry and lowered the Mask that hid his face. The Queen removed his flask from him. He accepted the punishment as quickly and easily as he accepted our praise a mere hour before.

It should also be noted that Her Majesty is requiring it of all Nosferatu to be Masked or covered when at gatherings outside the Warrens. Goodman Goring is therefore given leave by the word and courtesies of Her Majesty to be obfuscated while in Boston.

The Kindred who gathered in Boston last night struck a mighty blow against the leadership of the Sabbat resurgent. Francisco Domingo de Polonia is dead. Francisco Domingo de Polonia's pack is dead. The Ivory Tower remains a beacon of Humanity and Light guarding and protecting Boston.

May it ever be so.

  • - Rags
  • Master Harpy of Boston
  • Loremaster of Clan Nosferatu

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