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Accord PC

Player: Michael Bryan
Creature Type: Mage
Division: AIS
Cell: Dead Cell
City: Charleston, SC
VST: VST Karmen Eblen

Character Information


Name: 404

Alias: D@3m0n

Creature Type: Mage

Notable Traits: Unassuming and very forgettable

Legacy: Celestial Masters

Title or Position: Curator



1989- Feb 12th, California, Born.
2008 - Started training as an investigative Operative, recruited by the Organization directly from College.
2009 - Discover's information regarding a Tear and investigates the phenomena, this awakens him to believing him in the truth.
2009 - Is discovered by Kyle Everett and introduced into the Accord.
2010 - Begins working as a Courier and investigator within the Accord while keeping the rest of his Organization in the dark.
2011 - 2015 - Insert Ties
2015 - Finds himself within Charlotte NC on his most recent assignment
2015 - Travels to Charleston as the Charlotte Cell quietly dissipates.
2016 - Is made Curator of the Dead Cell
2016 - Is made the Parliament Member of the Dead Cell
2017 - Moves to Raleigh to assist with the fight there.

Character Description

404 is not too noticeable, brown hair, dark sunglasses, he's forgettable to most people and tends to stay in the background. He's known to always have an earbud of some sort in his ear and is always working on one thing or another. While he wear's suits most of the time he also has some very casual clothing.




Looking For

  • Any and all ties


  • His real name is Harry.
  • He's afraid of floor tiles and chandeliers.
  • He works for the government.
    • No he totally doesn't. He's too scared of inanimate objects for that kind of job.
  • Stated to "have the hook up" by Aiden Black


  • "Greetings, I'm Bob."
  • "Lol, didn't see you in a movie once? Well, considering what mages can do I'm glad he was there." - Ellis Kingsly
  • "He's quiet, almost emotionless, and a good shot with a rifle. What more do you need from a Government Agent?" - Lucia Dragos
  • "Dude-Bob is a a pretty thorough investigator. Might tap him and his AIS team in the future for more hearings."- Badger
  • "404 was incredibly useful on our Op in Nicaragua, I will welcome him anytime to work with and I hope he thinks the same of me." - Winter
  • "a master tactician he organized the op we were on and without his guidance the mission would have been a bust" Bear
  • " what can I say he makes the toys that keep me killing" Sam_Roland_Hain
  • "This fucker is organized and talented in a way that benefits everyone he works with. A+ would team-up again." Denial
  • "404 is one of those agents who is often around and can generally be trusted to accomplish his tasks without oversight. It is a rarity and a trait to be valued." = Lilith
  • "She's had a thing for you forever. Just fuck already." Shkira

Missions & Patches

Operation Heart of Darkness Operation:Paragon - Nicaragua


Music: General Playlist:
Script - Hall of Fame
The Cab - Angel with a Shotgun

OOC Information

Player: Michael Bryan

MES Number: US2005043255

Location: Charlotte, NC

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