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ROMANIA: 43 served in Operation Rising Phoenix as a member of the field research team. She arrived in the nation by airplane and immediately set to developing multiple hypotheses concerning the null zones and the purpose behind their existence. During the late nights that were shared between her and the other researchers, she posited that the null zones had been created by the Heralds of the Divine and not by the Servants of the Truth that were operating in Cluj and the the surrounding areas. It was her belief that the triangulated null zones were either an attempt on the part of the Heralds to contain the power of the Truth cultists or that they were an attempt at building up an anti-magic field strong enough to release something which had been bound. She also - against her better judgement - participated in the Gatekeeper ritual which summoned Papa Gede and disrupted the power of the null zones. She would later be heard criticizing both Jacques Saunier and Silas Magnus while citing her belief that the ritual was a dangerous and unnecessary solution - although she did not voice her disapproval at the time. 43 was later discovered to be sleeping in the research room alongside three dead Servants - each slain by a single bullet to the back of the head - after a final attack on the Accord base of operations.

PERU: 43 arrived participated in Operation Caldero del Sol as the representative of the Regional Council of Outsiders and as the lead officer for any issues related to body duplicates. She did so at the request of F1R3W@LL and her superiors in the Chobu. Her first act was to have local coffee beans delivered to the monastery which was the initial base of operations. It was the only act which would end well. Knowing her own limitations, 43 had informed command that she would be most useful interrogating any discovered body doubles or prisoners that had been captured. She secured a motel room for this purpose but was prepared to conduct interrogations at the base of operations as needed. During the operation, she was reassigned to a team whose purpose was to seek out servants of the Truth who had infiltrated local relief efforts. Although she protested her involvement in this mission and explained that she was unsuited to its dangers due to her near-crippled body, her dedication to the cause of the Accord won out in the end and she accompanied Ugly Paris and his team. An attack on this team that used hidden explosives prompted Doc Shadow to pull the team into the Underworld and it was here where 43 would be lost. The normally composed and professional bureaucrat was gripped by a sudden and invasive madness due to her long years fighting against the entities of the Abyss and the Outer Darkness, a madness triggered by their close proximity to a place she called Abaddon. 43 claimed that the alien gods she had slain were waiting in the shadows of the Underworld for revenge and that she would not see the sun again. She was correct. As the team left the Underworld in haste, a falling pebble drew her paranoia and prompted her to look back as they fled. Thus was the witch dragged back into the Underworld by the Furies as she pointed toward something only she had seen.

THE RESCUE: 43 languished in an Underworld domain for two months after the operation in Peru had been concluded. It did not take long for the Abyssal Compulsion which tore at her mind to exhaust her will. She was weak in both body and mind and the witch soon turned to cannibalizing her own memories and secrets in return for the power they would give her in resisting the madness against which she had struggled for many years. Each day saw another time in her life consumed and the only memories she did not sacrifice were those which concerned the abilities she had once brought to bear against the Outer Darkness and its false gods. Even her knowledge of the Accord and the Truth it fights were devoured for a few mere hours of respite. Eventually, a recovery team led by Arthur Granby set out to rescue 43 from the Underworld. They set out from Puerto Rico and travelled through the Underworld in search of the domain where 43 had been imprisoned. Upon discovering the prison, the rescue team were made to represent 43 in a trial which was presided over by a kerberoi known as the Governor and they were tasked with proving that 43 had done proper penance for her crimes. Tiresias and the Furies appeared to protest the trial but the Governor granted the witch her trial all the same. They succeeded but each was then confronted by the Governor with crimes from their own past and each had to defend themselves before they were free to leave. Upon leaving the domain, it was discovered by the rescuers that 43 no longer remembered the Truth or the Accord and that she knew almost nothing about her life before coming to the Underworld. Unfortunately, there could be no time for re-education because John Smith and fate called upon the witch and the witch answered that call in a bid to find answers.

The Rescue Team
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