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43 after the 2014 Ripple, Digital Filter Collage by Em R.

Accord PC

Player: Em R.
Creature Type: Mage
Division: Chobu
City: Tokyo Metropolitan Area
Presiding ST: Jordan L.

DESCRIPTION: 43 is a handsome woman in her fourties who has an iron-grey demeanor and a gaze that is harrowed. It is as though she is someone who never sleeps for having seen too much. Her eyes are sunken due to obvious exhaustion but even this does not seem to dim the proverbial light within them. Her mouth is thin and pursed in an almost constant expression of lassitude and she seems to be giving constant consideration to some enigma in her own head. The aroma of chocolate flavored cigarettes accompanies her no matter where she is in the moment. Her posture and clothes are most often impeccable and professional, with a tie pin advertising her Knights Templar affiliation. Her face rarely displays strong emotions beyond contemplation or exhaustion while her implacable nature is her most obvious feature. Anyone who observes the way she moves can see that her body is infirm though perhaps not frail. Under her clothes is a body twisted by weird scars which can claim no earthly source, each one earned from a lifetime of battles against cultists and monsters even the strangest men can neither imagine nor comprehend.

HISTORY WITH THE ACCORD: 43 was already working as a consultant for the Chōbu Public Safety Unit in Tokyo when the organization brought in the Accord to help it turn the tide on the Maseida truth cult. Director General Shiro Kenoji offered 43 full time employment in the organization and then assigned her the task of working with Rei Suzuki to facilite the first Mutual Aid Task Force. According to her own reports, 43 had come to acknowledge the existence of the Truth several years prior to moving to Japan but had not given it much thought until she reviewed classified documentation which the Accord had provided to the Chōbu organization. 43 operated first as an investigator for three years and then as the senior investigator of the Mutual Aid Task Force for four years until she received a promotion to Special Superintendent of International Operations and a second unit within the task force was established. She was also assigned to the Regional Council of Outsiders as the representative for Japan and as second-in-command over the regional council. 43 operates as a go-between for the Accord and Chōbu organizations.