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  • "A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, and there is no good deed brought on by knowledge that is not outpaced by its crimes."
- Overheard during 2012 in Puerto Rico
  • "You are all my comrades and my allies, for whom I would struggle against the outer darkness eternally, were I called to do such."
- From a 2013 email to the Accord.
  • "I do not lurk in the shadows. I live in an apartment, and an unfortunately small one at that."
- From a 2013 email to the Accord.
  • "Sadly, this will not be the last time I wear shorts on vacation."
- During a 2013 visit to Colorado Springs.
  • "I have slain alien gods from the outer reaches, from beyond the stars. Cut their foul cults low and forgotten them all. But they, they have not forgotten me."
- Said in the Underworld during Operation Caldero del Sol.
  • "I have likely forgotten more at various times in my own life than most of you will ever learn in yours."
- Said to those who rescued her from the Underworld.
  • "Knowledge, memories, secrets can be no more regained after being eaten than a pile of shit can be returned to its previous life as an ice cream cone."
- Said to those who rescued her from the Underworld.
  • "This is nothing. Had I the memories, I am certain I would tell you stories, but a shower? No, I have worked with far less."
- Speaking with F1R3W@LL before leaving for Dayton, Ohio.
  • "It is possible that I am secretly an elf employed by a megalomaniacal evil clone of Santa Clause and that this is an elaborate plan to prevent you from discovering our moon base from which we plan to launch an attack against Christmas.
- Speaking with Commodore Z on the email forum while attempting to dissuade Accordists from going to the moon.


  • "I think she has the right of it."
- Theo Byron, Overheard in a 2012 conversation in Puerto Rico
  • "You know how sometimes you meet a woman and immediately you can tell that they are nurturing, caring and warm? This is not that woman. But would I fight by her again and look at her side of the coin? Better believe it."
- David Anderson, after the operation in Romania
  • "An impressive mind. It is both incisive and educated. We believe that it was an asset to the operation in Romania and would work with it again."
- Gregori Darlington, Post action report to the Gatekeepers.
  • "Who needs to talk more? 43 and I need to talk more. For reasons."
- F1R3W@LL
  • "I never got to know her, but from everything I heard and saw, she was an tremendous asset to our organization. Hopefully, we'll see her again someday."
- Hank Sims, after 43 was lost in the Underworld.
  • "A strange, obsessive and skilled woman. Lost in the lands between. Hopefully her wisdom will allow her to escape, and she is not consumed by the things there."
- Abraxa, after 43 was lost in the Underworld.
  • "Didn't really know her until she lost her shit in the underworld. I can't really fault her for that as that place is enough to make anyone a little soft in the head."
- Nazar Belitrov, after 43 was lost in the Underworld.
  • "To rescue a crazy lady that broke a law that should never be broken. She's too useful to leave down there, though."
- Carson Ward, when asked why he was going on an underworld expedition.
  • "Umm, she's not quite herself anymore. Whatever that was."
- Athena Megalospyropoulos, after helping rescue 43 from the Underworld.
  • "43 ish a one of a kind, ishn't sshe? Maybe I sshould write her shometime..."
- Icarus Sphere, after Operation Sphinx was concluded.
  • "She lost her mind and her memories trying to survive the Depths. Now I have to explain to her why I had to lock her down there. Nah, this won't be awkward at all."
- Silas Magnus, after Operation Sphinx was concluded.
  • "I think I may be the only hero in existance who rescues the damsel in distress and gets to see her naked and still doesn't get any. Oh well. But have you seen her tats? Damn, I tell you they say a thousand times more about her than anything her steely resolve may tell you."
- Leo Pasha, after helping rescue 43 from the Underworld & after Operation Sphinx was concluded.
  • "She seems to travel from one version of hell to the next like it's routine. Well, in her case it probably is."
- Kyle Everett, after Operation Sphinx was concluded.
  • "Sometimes the willful women thrive. Sometimes they go too far. It can be a hard lesson, if it is ever realized."
- Lilith
  • "She has such a ferocious intellect and indomitable will that I can't decide if I should admire her or fear her. For every astute comment she makes as a mage, there's an equally disturbing undercurrent that makes me wonder if she sacrificed her Wisdom to return."
- Cassandra Jones, M.D.
  • "She's a sweetheart. But obsessed with knowledge. I sometimes wonder how the long the war would take if I just told her the Thing from another Dimension is denying her access to a lot of knowledge."
- Wesker
  • "Sshe hash many thingss that sshe knowss, and if I work hard sshe will sshare 1/1000th of them with me. I only hope I can meet the mark sshe hash shet for me."
- Icarus Sphere, during Operation The Tower
  • "Agent 43 has talent, to be sure, and a mind to match. She is eminently capable...sadly, she allows herself to be limited by her views of morality and a stubborn refusal to see the way of things, the truth behind the lie humanity comforts itself with. Perhaps some day she will understand and reach her true potential."
- Dr. Lillian Cross