7 Spades

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About Us

  • 7 Spades is a Sabbat pack in the See of Las Vegas.
  • The members of the pack walk many Paths, have may of Cain's gifts, and work as a unit to solve problems.


  • Ductus: Antonio Black ~ "I love it when a plan comes together."
  • Priest: Matthew ~
  • Abbot: Mika Scheke ~ "Do you want hunters? Because that's how get hunters!"
  • Melanthia, Archbishop of Las Vegas ~
  • Magnus Steiner ~ "Leaderhip need back up." "Harbringer, cowboy, shit talker!"
  • The Shrike ~ "The blody left hand of the Sword of Cain."


  • Haven: Located in an industrial area. It's a 5 dot haven.
  • See our VSS at: Sabbat