9 July 2016 - According to Eliza Day

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Good evening, my lovelies -

So, it seems the lot of you doesn't want to get into the August gather. Remember, there's a password and no sway, power, or shenanigans allowed. I will have a guard at the door. It may be me. Who knows!

You should ask the person who knows that password. Me, or my Talon or the Prince or the Seneschal or the Keeper of Elysium.


Anywho - the July gather was a grand time.


The Elder Prince declared that any mandate passed by him was to be followed. If not, he'll have your left arm ripped off. Technically, it's just a hand, but I'd like to think with all that prestation you'd owe, it would be an arm.

Second failing, your right arm goes. Same with that whole/hand prestation matter.

Third...you're just dead. So behave.

Remember those territories that was in dispute with Elder Prince Coventry - who may or may not also wear one of those spiffy pins - that's been allocated. All is square.

The Elder Prince declared that territories are going to be accounted for. So you might want to speak to your Primogen to find out if the place you eat is the place you sleep.

See the Seneschal to help with establishing a new Mayor and a new Police Chief.

Story time...

So, a group of us went on an adventure.

Names have been revised to protect the innocent...

Don't ask me where, I wasn't driving. I tend not to pay attention. I may or may not have been playing the new sensation called Pokemon Go. For those Elders who have no clue what that is - feel free to slap your ghoul and get them to tell you.

So, we get to this marsh place. It's me (Daphne), Shaggy, Fred, Velma, Scooby, and Scrappy. There were a couple more, but I ran out of the cast names. Fred has a map and we're gonna find the treasure.

We get to a bog and Scrappy decides to take flight. We try to move across the bog and fail - somehow ended up teleported back to our original spots.

So, Scooby started speaking in bizarre tongues to cause the water to part and these stones to reveal themselves. We all cross into a threshold and suddenly our phones aren't working. I was pissed because I was just about to catch a squirtle. Such is the life of Daphne, right?

Velma has intel, but obviously she's too smart for the lot of us. Shaggy is upset because there's nothing to fight.

Fred points out the old-ass lanterns and we notice on the walls pictographs that were old as dirt.

I touched the wall - and I could see death and destruction and shadows in the shapes of pilgrims pushing back native americans that were surrounded in bright psychedelic colors.

So it goes to show, those wretched shadows were around for a lot longer than we guessed.

Then, of course, the howls began. As we were making our daring escape - I saw a wolf in the distance. I was told it was a werewolf. I'm kind of pissed that I couldn't see it up close, but I chose life.

It took a bit for us to get back to the gather.

Eliza's footnote:

Here's the thing. Danny's apparently dead. He apparently was destroyed by the Gangrel named Alaric. My issue is this:

If we die for what we say...what's the lesson in that?

Yeah, what he said was a little cray-cray. I had it handled.

Thinking of you, Danny.


Jacob Clarke finds Eliza Day to be Loyal. Elder Prince Wilhelm finds Eliza Day to be Favored Seneschal Price finds Jackson Croy to be Loyal. Jacob Clarke finds the Elder Prince Wilhelm to be Loyal.

Baron Christopher Clark insulted the Elder Sheriff of Elder Prince Coventry twice and therefore I found the Baron to be Warned.

-- Rumors and things overheard:

DJs are not real musicians. Hrmmm...

Most of the Primogen did not show up and therefore the Anarchs outnumbered them.

Big Trouble in South Boston - it's all Johnny (Jhonny) Forque's fault.

See you lovelies soon! <3

Eliza Day Master Harpy of Boston