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Awakening PC

Player: Ben Sims
Path: Obrimos
Order: Mysterium ••
Legacy: Trans-humanist Eng
Position: Sentinel, Obrimos Councilor
Consilium: Alexandria, VA ••
City: Alexandria, VA
Cabal: White Out
VST: Storyteller Name

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Shadow Name: Formerly A/DD Now K@7-O/\/3

Sleeper Alias:

Offices: Sentinel, Obrimos Councilor

Cabal: White Out

Quote: "It's cool, I patched it, your welcome... umm, you might want to change your password, just sayin'."



Mr. Robot, Hackers, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Terminator, Alias, Mission Impossible, Nerdy Professor, Revenge of the Nerds

Character Description

K@7-O/\/3 does what he can to go unnoticed, constantly finds himself distracted by new tech, or old tech... well hell just tech. if you think about someone hypnotized by their electronic device like to the point of near paralysis. K@7-O/\/3 makes that guy seem well balanced/ disciplined


Sound of Static like a TV after the station has gone dark for the evening, then dark dragon wings unfold from behind him, as the entire scene begins to pixelate like the Satellite TV is on the fritz in a storm.



  • "We don't have WiFi so I was left with goats." A/DD asked what he is doing.