ABS (Samantha Metzger)

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Apocalypse PC

Player: Julia Pohl
Character: A.B.S.
Auspice: Ahroun
Tribe: Children of Gaia
Breed: Homid
Position: TBD
Rank: Cliath
Domain: VA-020-D Dark Capital Washington, DC
VST: Josh T.


Character Information

Name among the People: ABS

Name among Humans: Samantha Metzger

Auspice: Ahroun

Tribe: Child of Gaia

Sept: Sept of the Falling Jewels, Washington DC

Pack: The Killjoys

Renown: Glory 2, Honor 1

Notable Traits:
Former military and out of a job, she usually dresses in her old army undershirt and boots, with a pair of jeans.
She has a tendency to mutter "ABS" under her breath when she is getting ready to do something that she is uncertain or nervous about. Other character who were in the U.S. Army (or worked closely with them) may recognize this acronym...


  • 2013 Spring - First Change
  • 2013 June - moved to Monterey, CA
  • 2014 Sept - moved to Washington, DC
  • 2015 June - joined the Killjoys

ABS was an Army radio op. She only served one enlistment, from 2008-2012, and spent most of it in Afghanistan. After she got out, she spent some time job-hunting, never getting past the first interview, and drifting from one VA office to another, until she went through First Change.

She was recovered and taught the ways of the People by the sept at Sixteen Pines (NPC sept in SW region). Once she had finished her initiation, she was sent to Monterey in response to a call for help fighting monsters coming out of the sea. Sixteen Pines had the idea that if the local pack accepted her, that she would remain there.

Following the battle, she was assigned by the Monterey sept beta, Rain of Fire, to the pack of youngsters, Questionable Judgement. However, she continued to split off on her own and never really bonded with the pack, and after about a year she went her own way.

ABS had remained in contact with some of her army buddies, most of whom were still on the East Coast where they had been discharged. Many were homeless and being afflicted by a strange disease with no known bacterial or viral cause. While she didn't have the knowledge to help medically, she moved to Baltimore, MD, to be with them, providing what camaraderie she could and frightening away those who might have otherwise taken advantage of homeless vets too sick to defend themselves.

Upon arrival in Maryland, she made herself known to the local Sept, but she neither spent much time there nor joined a pack. As could be expected, her own imbalance eventually got the better of her and in June 2015 the Killjoys found her frenzying in the street, brought her under heel, and took her back to the Sept. The Killjoys arranged for subsistence, housing, and medical treatment for ABS's army buddies who were in the area (and still alive), and with her 'family' being taken care of, ABS refocused herself into her duties as a member of the Garou nation. Shortly thereafter, she joined the Killjoys as a full member of the pack.

Stories Around the Campfire


  • Rain of Fire keeps telling me that as Children of Gaia, we are the calmest of the People and that humans react best toward us. If this is calm and those reactions are good, I don't know how any of our kind manage to stay in a city. --ABS to Faces the Fire


  • She didn't choose not to reenlist; she got kicked out of the Army after picking too many fights.

OOC Information

Player: Julia Pohl

MES Number: US2005022863

Player Domain: MD-001-D

VSS Domain: VA-020-D

PC Ties Wanted: Available to discuss any reasonable ties.
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