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1709 – Alberto Domingo Morgado is born Spain.
1710 – Domingo Juan Morgado is Born Spain.
1725 – Comes to Mexico with his younger Brother working as caravan guards for House Pedraza.
1727 - Domingo marries Carmen Vargas
1728 - Domingo’s only son, Diego is born, his wife Carmen dies in child birth
1733 - Diego dies of a childhood illness
1735 - Maria Alicia and Alberto Domingo Married
1736 - Maria Alicia and Alberto Domingo first son is born.
1737 – Pedraza moves torpid elders to Mexico
1738 – Maria Alicia and Alberto Domingo second son, Estaban is born.
1740 – Maria Alicia and Alberto Domingo daughter is born.
1741 – Alberto Domingo and Maria Alicia are ghouled after having several children
1742 – Domingo Juan ghouled
1770 – Alberto Domingo embraced
1772 - Alberto DOmingo goes through his first Exegesis
1773 - Lisbon, Portugal - In exchange for large amounts of gold Atilio had been hoarding, true to the draconic name of his lineage, the Morgado Agonistes agree to accompany Atilio back to Lisbon and prepare him for torpor in the underground ruins of the Roman Theatre. Having spent the last several years doing almost nothing other than detailing his Requiem in excruciating detail with the assistance of the young Agoniste, Alberto Domingo Morgado, his Agoniste sire, Carlos Moreno, and Alberto’s ghouls, Domingo and Estaban.
1800 – Maria Alicia is embraced.
1810 – Alberto Domingo Morgado convinces Carlos Moreno (Head of House Pedraza in Mexico) to back the rebels.
1819 – Domingo Juan Embraced by Alberto Domingo
1819 – The local Lupin attack the Mexican branch of House Pedraza, most of them are killed including the torpid elders. The Morgado family fought back and lost many including.
1820 - Alberto Domingo goes through his second Exegsis
1823 – Morgado family inducted into Aztec religion by Maria Alicia
1870 (approx.) – Colorado
1860 - Prepares Amelia Grey for torpor and recording her hsitory
1871 - Alberto Domingo goes through his third Exegesis
1874 - Saint Louis - Atilio finalizes his preparations for torpor. He reconnects with Alberto Domingo Morgado,his attendant Agoniste,and his family. Over whom he is fiercely protective, to record his memories and re-enter torpor.
1875 – Set up smelter in Kansas City, Ks
1907 - Alberto Domingo goes through his fourth Exegesis
1960 - Attends the Convocation of the Ala Vaticinium hosted by
1963 - Alberto Domingo goes through his fifth Exegesis
1968 - When the Carthians of Washington DC started causing problems Viktor Rommel head of House Columbia was brought to our family to keep safe 1980 – Alberto Domingo embraces James Martin and changes his name to Diego because he reminds Alberto Domingo of his dead child.
1993 – Alberto Domingo goes through his sixth Exegesis
1998 – Alberto Domingo ghouls Alejandro after coming out of torpor to update himself
2000 - Attends the Convocation of the Ala Vaticinium hosted by

2008 – Alberto Domingo embraces Alejandro