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About Us

AIS provides investigation services for matters of Accord justice. As an independent and unbiased organization, we do not cast judgements or pronounce sentences. We evaluate a situation, acquire the truth, and present our findings to any and all relevant parties. We don’t beat the bushes for cases, and we aren’t ambulance chasers. We only go where we’re wanted. Our work is not to condemn or exonerate anyone, but to provide information for others to determine Justice. One of the reasons for forming this service is for the betterment of the Accord. We solve problems and disputes, in the open and for all to see. That's the only way we're going to reconcile the quarrels that exist within our society and survive long enough to fight the war.

The Division includes a loose structure, with one Director and several Deputy Directors. The Deputies are then broken into specific specializations: operations, recruitment, public relations, and government affairs. Below that are individual senior agents, agents, and trainees. That said, the Division conducts itself in a cohesive fashion with all members given a voice and a say in the evolution of the group.

Heard Around the Division

  • "*Hands Steven Bradley the "Resident Chupacabra Expert" Title* Take it. For your geek has far outweighed mine in this instance." - Q No Longer Chupacabra Expert
  • "It's not that I'm paranoid, it's that I'm REALLY fucking paranoid. I heard there's a haunted Dracula couch down there or some shit." - New Guy
    • "I don’t think that couch is haunted by spirits so much as the ghosts of indiscretions past." - Cora Kirkwood
  • "If Jesus didn't need a private plane, I really don't see why we need one either." - Frank Gabriel