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I am known as... AKA Twice-Spun
My kind of special is... Changeling
Wizened Dusk Court
I am in a Cell called... The Third Lantern
My position in that Cell is... Cell Leader
My status within the Accord is... 5
I joined the Division...Gatekeepers
Within that Division I am a...1
I'm known for... Hedgecraft, supernatural surveilance

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Fairly tall and slim 20 something. Fairly emotive face with sharp eyes usually looking over a pair of glasses. Average build otherwise though often twitching.


Slender, still with glasses though his eyes darken and look more like glass while colors seem to bleed from his skin and swirl around, just under the skin.


The uninformed might think that Twice-Spun has no court, as there is no visible effect swirling around him. However, any changeling that approaches Twice-Spun will feel their own mantle waning.

Notable Traits


Isa/Frozen Future - Hedge beast of no small power on its own Isa takes on the appearance of a blue winged luna moth outside the Hedge. Once in the hedge Isa's colors shift to a light blue and white and they leave a trail of snow behind them as they fly.
Black Knight - A spirit from Canada that has take the place of one of Twice-spun's chess pieces. Oddly has sharply pointed ears.


What Was And Is

Known History

Twicespun doesn't talk about his human life much only that he was taken at a art house. He joined the Accord shortly after escaping his Keeper and his run through the Hedge. Twice-spun joined the Accord about a year before the Langely massacre and has stuck with Boston since. That was a few years ago now, Currently his focus is ensuring that his Cell has what they need, first as their Quartermaster and lately as their Cell Leader. He also serves as a hedge and goblin Specialist for his cell and the entire North East.

He's also a founding member of The Third Lantern's Bad Decision Theater.


  • His Fetch isn't dead yet...
  • He and Rhys are a thing...
  • I saw him wearing socks with sandals...
  • His favorite board game is actually Life...


From Him

About Him

  • "If he can't get it, he'll find a way to make it." Eva Carlisle
  • "One if by Land, Two if by Sea, Three if by a road where no mortal should be..."-Himself before entering the hedge
  • he's basically a jack-of-all-trades-in-the-box. hopefully he hasn't popped too hard after Old Peculiar... -F13
  • I like to think I've now met the official poster child for paranoia. He's good at what he does though, so his sanity isn't really an issue. Kyle Everett
  • "I'm not saying anything, just that some parts of Boston are more enjoyable than others..." - Rhys
  • "I am not entirely sure what he does, but I am told he is quite effective at it." - Lilith
  • "The benefit and downside of having an older brother: it's so hard to sneak stuff past him." - Dani
  • "I like Twice-spun, but no matter what he thinks, he isn't my boss." - Senka
  • "There's a passion in him to push even when everything is lost. Trust me, as a hunter, I get it. But that's a dangerous mindset to take. I'm glad he has Rhys and Dani to balance him out." - Simon
  • "I'll always be there for him when he needs me." - Cora Kirkwood
  • "My eternally stressed out, put upon bro from that other alien otherworld." Naveed Weiss
  • "He's good at what he does, without a doubt, but he still needs to learn to listen." Jason Harvick
  • "I hope, for all their sakes, he will stand up or step aside." Houston

"You have to learn the rues of the game. And then you have to play it better than anyone else" - Albert Einstein

Ties That Still Bind


  • Dani - If only people could look past the surface...
  • Senka - You will never hear her coming for you, pray she never has to
  • Tom Noir - Fear not the Hedge, fear those who keep you from it...
  • Penny - A sharp spear and a sharp mind are a deadly combination


  • John Benedict, SJ - Man of faith, not mine but one of the few of his lot I like.
  • F1R3W@LL - That woman can do more with a computer than I can with a fully stocked Workroom.
  • P51M0N1C - Always see him with F13, A bit twitchy but good people. Excellent aim.
  • Danica Barrows Very charismatic woman. Never quite sure what shes thinking though.
  • Rhys To think my sanity would be a Mage, how fitting in the end
  • Arthur Granby He is to the Great Below what I had wanted to be to the Hedge...

Lost and Fallen




Player Info

Ties: ...
Player: Steven Hamilton
MES Number: US2012060056
Location: Boston, MA
Storyteller: KP