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The information presented in the Background section is considered OOC unless your PC has reason to know it ICly.

A Timeline

  • Embraced by William Atherton of Clan Tremere.
  • May 2012 - Present at the Battle of Decatur.
  • Dec 2012 - William Atherton diablerized by the Mad King.
  • May 2013 - Signed the Peace Treaty of Atlanta, became Released.
  • Oct 2013 - Placed under the accounting of Powell at the request of Ansel Holden.
  • Nov 2013 - Meets a mysterious Kindred and learns a special Discipline from him, at Powell's instruction.
  • Dec 2013 - Powell is sent to Vienna, Isabella's lessons end.
  • Jan 2014 - Placed under house arrest by Elena Hellenbach until further notice.
  • Mar 2014 - Breaks house arrest temporarily to come to the aide of the city.
  • Apr 2014 - Attended the National Conclave in San Antonio, TX.
  • Jul 2014 - Whisked away by Elder Lazaro for a meeting in Cleveland.
  • Sep 2014 - Attended the Grand Salon in Nashville, participating in Beauties in the Boneyard.
  • Oct 2014 - Agreed to work with Chastity Callentine to better her understanding of behavior and politics within the Ivory Tower.
  • Oct 2014 - Helped investigate the death of Elder Lazaro of Clan Tremere in Miami.
  • Oct 2014 - Visited Joseph Killian, Tremere Primogen and Keeper of Elysium in Little Rock, AK.
  • Nov 2014 - Witnessed the death of Bianca DuRand, Primogen of Clan Tremere in Atlanta, through vision. Mourned her death.
  • Nov 2014 - Worked with others of her Clan to further research the happenings in Miami and the potential involvement of a Clanmate.
  • Dec 2014 - Attended the Gathering hosted by the Independent Clans of Atlanta.
  • Jan 2015 - Worked with several other Atlanta citizens to stop a cult that was trying to summon the demon Cargazi.
  • Apr 2015 - Confirmed the death of Bauta, a Harbinger that had been plaguing Atlanta, at the hands of visiting members of Clan Giovanni.
  • Jul 2015 - Attended the Lesser Conclave in Roanoke, VA.
  • Aug 2015 - Relocated to Sioux Falls, SD.
  • Aug 2015 - Named Primogen for Clan Tremere of Sioux Falls, SD.
  • Sep 2015 - Fought in the Battle of Sioux Falls against the Sabbat, torpored the traitor Emily and brought her in for the Prince's justice.
  • Sep 2015 - Formally recognized by Prince Heinrich for consistent service to the city and exemplary behavior.
  • Sep 2015 - Clan Tremere's Primogen seat revoked by Prince Heinrich as a result of the actions of Porter Woods and others.
  • Oct 2015 - Named Seneschal of Sioux Falls by Prince Heinrich who advised that Clan Tremere's Primogen seat will be restored after 4 Gatherings of adequate service.
  • Nov 2015 - Impressed Prince Heinrich so strongly that he restored Clan Tremere's Primogen seat after 2 Gatherings.
  • Jan 2016 - Reinstated as Seneschal by Prince DelGado after Heinrich's forced abdication from the Praxis of Sioux Falls, SD.
  • Feb 2016 - Assisted with the destruction of the infernalist Chantry of Waco, TX.
  • Apr 2016 - Relocated to San Juan, PR.
  • May 2016 - Named Primogen of San Juan, PR.
  • Jul 2016 - Assisted with scouting the Sabbat infiltration of New Orleans under Councilor Meerlinda
  • Aug 2016 - Survived an attempt by Luciano Giovanni, Juliana Giovanni, and Sergio Giovanni to have her ripped apart by angry wraiths
  • Sep 2016 - Attended a large Salon in New Orleans
  • Sep 2016 - Named Servire to Archon Bianci of Clan Malkavian
  • Oct 2016 - Stepped down as Primogen of San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Jan 2017 - Died while fighting infernalist Nephandi and closing an Avernus Gate