A Tale of Triumph and Loss

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This moon, this half-face of Luna, brings a song of war. Tonight brings a song of pain, loss and ultimately victory. Tonight, the Hov of Roadrunner's Promise ended several of the threats looming over our Caern. The cost was high, higher than many hearts can speak of at present. It is my duty as a Skald, to sing the tales that this night may be remember and those who fought for it honored.

As had been mentioned before, one of the enemies who we were troubled with was a fallen Glass Walker - one named Cypher. He had been the former Master of Rites for our Hov, departing when his greed and pride overtook him. We had been provided information by the Garou tied in with the mortal populace that he was fleeing the city. It was our time to take him.

In the same breath, there came a vile howl of holmgang - the "Elder" of the Dancers called out across the scar, daring our Alpha to come face his demise. She threatened with the extinction of our Caern, she vowed that she would unleash wave after wave of monstrous Jotuun should he cower in fear of her. Our Alpha was not a weak man. He was no coward; he was born of Fenrir blood. The holmgang was met.

Two battles waged, two points on a map. To look over the expanse of area that the sprawl of Phoenix makes up - two points would mean little to the unknowing. These two battles were for the future of our Caern, our homes, our loved ones and Gaia's lifeblood. These two battles, where we would triumph, yet lose so much.

My pack, Rending Fury - Rises on Swift Wings-yuf, Slips the Drift-yuf and Fields of Ash-yuf, along with three others - Soothes the Heart-Rhya, Rending Thunder-yuf and the sole Cub who was present, a Bone Gnawer Rotagar - set off to halt Cypher and return his soul to Gaia.

Cypher was routed via mortal ties, his path of cowardice directed to a place where he could run no further. We chased him on two legs, avoiding the breach of our Veil, hounding him until we were out of sight from the humans. My Alpha, Rises on Swift Wings, fired shots at the fleeing traitor. He returned fire, wildly shooting to drive us back. We persisted, more shots felling him as he was set alight with the element of fire. Fists and blades finished the job, his death as inglorious as his treachery.

Allies came for him - eight more dancers leaped into the fray. Fields of Ash-yuf and I fought in hand-to-hand combat with the twisted creatures, five of them ready to die at our claws. Three others leveled firearms at our Alpha, even as he returned fire. While his shots were true, their shots found their mark. My Alpha was slain with claw, fang and lead - even after his fury held him aloft. The Fenrir raged doubly so, slaying the few that were foolish enough to draw near. Sooth the Heart-rhya ended the gunfire, stealing the spirits from the enemy's weapons. They fled - speeding away in the car they had barely vacated.

In the same breath the Alpha, Storm's Cold Fury-rhya, and his pack - Bombs Away-rhya and Gaia's Messenger-yuf - set off to destroy the "Elder" Dancer. They were given support by the Shadow Lord Kin, Rosalie Archer - a marksman of impeccable aim. They brought the mighty spirits that had allied with Storm's Cold Fury-rhya, a host of impressive size.

They stood opposed by this "Elder" and four others - her pack. Sinister Dancers dedicated to Whippoorwill. Four who claimed the rank of Athro, mocking our nation with their darkly-mirrored titles. They too had an army of spirits, a host that would terrify mortals for generations to come. The forces came together, not in a roar of fury or clash of steel - but stone silence. Not a sound was heard as the battle was joined.

Storm's Cold Fury-rhya faced this false "Elder", blade in hand. Her magicks stifled by the silence, she was forced to meet him in physical combat - no spirit could be commanded in the deafening quiet. Left to their own devices, the Banes and Gaian spirits entered a pitched battle - manifesting in a combat that can only be described as cataclysmic.

Bombs Away-rhya squared off against the Modi from the enemy - both slashing with claws of silver in a blur of rage. She was pushed back, still fighting with every step, as the Athro pressed at her. The heat of the battle was upon her, no time for her skillfully placed explosives or the tricks of her Tribe. This was the rawest of battles, only ferocity would see the Garou through.

Rosalie Archer, the Ætling of the Shadow Lords, drew off the Rotagar of the enemy. Her rifle tore into his armor and pulled him from the melee. Her aim was so perfect that she could not be ignored. She was a threat to their pack - heavy caliber bullets from a sniper rifle tearing into the area.

Gaia's Messenger-yuf squared off against the remaining two members of the hive pack - the Forseti and Skald. They tried their damnedest, seeking to drive her off with gifts of intimidation and terror. She defied the, launching claw after claw at their Jormungandr-armored bodies. They returned the blows just as savagely, knowing that their lives were on the line.

The tide turned several times, gifts used to drive back Bombs Away-rhya, claws landing on the Dancers, blades turned aside by slime-filth armor. The Modi fought feverishly, splitting off in their cinch of claws and silver. It was then a ringing blow was landed - the "Elder" fell to the blade of Storm's Cold Fury-rhya.

Chaos erupted. All eyes of the Dancers turned on our Alpha, bloodied with the fury of the sight of their fallen packmate. The Modi bounded away from the injured Bombs Away-rhya, silver claws flashing at our Alpha. The Forseti and Skald turned their claws against our Alpha, screaming in silent rage. The Rotagar, having found trouble with the Rosalie Archer, raced back to the main battle after Rosalie had fallen.

Storm's Cold Fury-rhya fell. Claws and rage tore him asunder. He rose, his own fury bringing him back to his feet to face his foes. He fell again, sending the area again into chaos. A dreadful sound was issued by the Dancer Skald, wicked things under the earth responding by collapsing the area in an earthquake.

Bombs Away-rhya, gravely wounded as she was, launched explosives, debris - anything she could lay hands on. Each missile, fueled by rage, tore into the armor of the remaining Dancers. Gaia's Messenger-yuf ripped into the Modi - she and the explosions sent along from Bombs Away-rhya felled the general of their Pack as well as the Forseti.

The damage had been done, however. The two remaining Dancers ended the lives of both the remaining Gaians, fleeing back into the night to lick their wounds.

The traitor to our Hov was slain, Cypher was no more. The "Elder" Godi and the Athro Modi and Forseti were slain - sending our enemy into disarray and destroying many of their defenses. The spiritual "net" that was cast over our city, the twisted magic that prevented Gaian souls from returning to Her arms, was ripped asunder.

Our losses are heavy, bearing weight on the hearts and souls of the Garou who defend this Caern. We stand, defiant of those loses - stand ready to fight for the memory of our heroes.

I howl their names in tribute, that Gaia may hold these heroes close to Her heart:

Storm's Cold Fury, son to Fenrir Legend Overcomes the Darkness to Sing of Triumph, Athro Godi of the Shadow Lords born on four legs, Alpha of the Sept of Roadrunner's Promise, Alpha of the Storm Reavers!

Bombs Away, Adren Modi of the Bone Gnawers born in sin, Eldest Modi of the Sept of Roadrunner's Promise, member of the Storm Reavers!

Gaia's Messenger, Cliath Modi of the Children of Gaia born on two legs, member of the Storm Reavers!

Rises on Swift Wings, son to Silver Fang Elder Modi Formor Slayer, grandson to Silver Fang Athro Modi Whispers of Death, Cliath Modi of the Silver Fangs born on two legs, Master of Challenge to the Sept of Roadrunner's Promise, Alpha of Rending Fury!

Rosalie Archer, Ætling to the Shadow Lords!

Know that your glorious battles will be sung! Know that you will be remembered! Know that we fight to honor your sacrifices!

In blood and song,
Forged For Gaia
Cliath Skald of the Fenrir
Beta of Rending Fury
Jarl of the Fenrir within the Sept of Roadrunner's Promise