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Dead This character is dead. Any further communication should be with the VST.


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Character Information

Name: Aalina

Creature Type: Vampire

  • Clan: Daeva
  • Bloodline: Spina

Notable Traits:

  • Striking Looks <2>
  • Humanity 2
  • Appears to be about 19 years of age.

Title or Position: Lady or Dame are the most common ones used with her, but she will accept Miss as long as a title is used.

Liege: Dr. David Anderson


Aalina, as she is commonly known as, means one with honor and light. While she can be cutting and has at times been known to exhaust herself due to goading into being rude, she normally attempts to uphold her word at all costs. Her loyalty, charm and mannerisms leads one to see her often at times as empathetic or having extreme amounts of compassion. However, at the core of her lies a beast chomping at the bits waiting to get out simply to strike at those whom have shown themselves to be enemies of the accord.

Friend or foe should generally take caution as her words are daggers that are welded with the precise precision that one sees in her swordsmanship, and her callousness only serves to make her that much more ruthless than what belies the politeness on the surface. Her loyalty is to those who show such to her, her trust not to be broken, and when that trust is broken, it is lost with such a fury that it is hard saught to be regained.

Aalina is a creature of deep passions and swirling emotions that wax and wane, oft they are set adrift and can erupt at any time. Causing others to see her pain that lies right beneath the surface, hungering for the emotions of those around her.


Aalina is often seen in the company of her brother, a fierce Gangrel named Zen, and a young promethian named Aruk. These three have traveled and wandered for so long that at times it is difficult to understand the dynamics between the three but they are very protective of each other, having relied on each other for so long. Their devotion to each other and to fighting the Truth is one of solidarity, that it is said where one goes, the others will follow.

The trust and honesty shared between the three are unquestionably open and forthright, and often they forget that others are not used or accustomed to such brutal truths. Their shared ostracism often makes them even closer to each other, being accustomed to understanding the pain, heartache and tribulations that each of them has shared within their lives. Creating for them an inner circle of trust, understanding, and in some ways, love and passion, that others have yet to learn how to break into.


OOC Information

Name: Mary Tonge
Member Number: US2002021291

Accord PC

Player: Mary Tonge
Creature Type: Vampire
City: San Juan, PR
VST: iVST James Foster

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