Aaron "Doc" Walker

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Accord PC

(page under construction) Player: Warren Schnur-Holmes
Creature Type: Not Widely Known
Division: The Vault
City: Rhode Island
VST: [Diana Ruggiero]

Character Information

Name: Dr. Aaron Walker

Creature Type: Dr. Walker is presently known to be a human being.

Notable Traits: Generally appears to be approaching 63.

Title or Position: Doctor

Generally Known Information

Timeline (Known)

Known Associates


  • "Some debts can never be repaid." - Dani
  • "Provides good booze and makes a killer onion ring. A pretty alright dude." -Reggie McCulloch
  • "Doc. Walker on the other hand is a crotchety ol' bastard and who knows what he'll do besides yelling at us to get the demons off his lawn." - Ray Johnson in an exchange about making sure the Doc doesn't shoot the guests.
  • "Doc is about the closest thing to a big brother I'll ever have. I'm not stupid enough to say father figure, he's pissed enough about his age..." - Rick Storm


Currently wanted by his home cell for opening fire on a room full of non-believer PTSD patients in a Providence psychiatric hospital.

OOC Information

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Player: Warren Schnur-Holmes

MES Number: US2002106696

Location: Boston, MA