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Requiem PC

Player: Daniel LeRoy
Character: Abdul
Clan: Mekhet
Covenant: Ordo Dracul
Conspiracy: Ala Vaticinium
Status: Mekhet 4, Ordo 3, City 1, Cadence 3
Domain: sc-012-d
VST: Eric Mattson

Character Information


Clan: Mekhet


Covenant:Ordo Dracul


Notable Traits: He is 5ft 9in and dresses in clothes you find at Goodwill. Also will talk your ear off about anything he has knowledge about.

Title or Positon: Initiate of the Bloody Terror, Who is ever Shrouded/ Respected Linguistic of the Shadows

no longer playable by player all things conserning him needs to be directed to Brian at vstreq@yahoo.com

Known Information

There is very little known about Abdul. He is known for his knowledge of Ancient Lore's of Civilizations, Religions, and Gods. He is also a Linguistic.
only known to mekhet, He has developed the language Thothian for the clan to speak and write. He is also tring to organize the clan. He also worships the ancient Egyptian god Thoth.

Known Only to Dragons

Sworn: Apprentice of the Dying Light
Rank: Initiate
Areas of Study: The Process of Degrading to the Beast, The Beast Vs. The Soul, Theological Effects on the Soul, Morals of Man and How They Effect the Vampire Condition
Methodology: Pseudo-Psychologist

Lengthy Title:Initiate of the Bloody Terror, Who is ever Shrouded

Known Associates


  • He wants to drive those around him into the final frenzy just to study it.
  • His blood is more potent than he tells others.
  • He is alot older than he seems to be
  • He is a Diablerist
  • He is addicted to kindred vitea
  • He has pushed away every friend he's ever made.

OOC Information

Player Name Daniel Leroy

MES Number us2010106899

Location Charleston, SC