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Information Known by Kindred Society


Notable Traits:Always known to wear a mask due to an ailment that carried on from his mortal life. The styles have ranged from a simple silver face mask to an ornate jeweled mask.

Titles:Primogen of San Antonio

Coteries/Societies:None publicly known






  • ''I've yet to meet a more intriguing member of the Tower. Every time I think I get close he pulls a bit further away. Alta Devereux
  • "It seems this Elder cares nothing for the tower's view of the clanless, and readily keeps their counsel. How cute." - Grace Foster
  • "I am grateful that Elder Abelard took me in to teach me and chose to help me to become a proper member of the Camarilla. I shall do my utmost to serve both him and the tower well. I am honored to have been well spoken of by him, and am proud to carry his favor." - Brigette Cooper
  • "Our otherwise enjoyable conversation cooled considerably at my derogatory mention of the damnable French. I do wonder if he is aware that Abelard is a German name? I had thought he, of all people, would understand the failings of the French." - Earl Stedman Harrington
  • "What can be said about an Elder of the Tower, except that I am at his service should he need me." - Salvadore Strozza
  • "While those he favors is a source of some debate and question, I'm beginning to think it's because he enjoys having at least some part of himself in the mouths of those around him. Even if it's just his name." - Jayne Joyce
  • "I must say, Abelard always presents himself as a gentleman and, while I have yet to see a darker side of him, I am well aware of why people truly wear masks." Aramas
  • "It must speak to my naivete that I cannot understand why an Elder of the Tower would extend his reputation in such a way. Ripples of such actions make waves much larger than the initial splash. I would think that an Elder King would have more clanmates about him to advise against such displays." Nathaniel Lannick
  • "In my experiences the Ventrue have been focused on their own agendas, and were not shy about it. While Elder Primogen Abelard seems to not be shy either in what he wants done, or his views on others (especially those in his clan), he seems to be to listen to others outside the Clan of Kings. That alone puts him in a higher degree of respect than many others I have met in my time." Zack Snyder
  • "Who is he? I mean, he's an elder but who is he?" Jeannie


OOC Information

Player:Bryan Perryman Location: Austin TX

Character Information
Clan: Ventrue Masquerade
Sect: Camarilla
City: San Antonio , TX
Player: Player
Storyteller: Story-Teller