Abigail Barker

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Accord PC

Player: Katherine Viola
Creature Type: Possessed
Division: ENTER INFO
City: Broward County
VST: Joshua "Thunder" Herman


Character Information

Name: Abigail Barker

Character Type Possessed by a demon of Wrath

Notable Traits:

  • Appears to be in her mid 20s
  • Is usually very standoffish and quiet, and is often outright rude to men
  • Sometimes appears very cocky and...not good-natured perhaps, but friendlier than usual

Title or Position: No titles. A member of the Broward Cell


  • Abigail looks weirdly freaked out whenever she sees red berries.

OOC Information

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Player: Katherine Viola

MES Number: US2012070087

Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL