Abigail Martinez

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Character Information

Creature Type:Sin-Eater
City:Portland, OR
Player:Nicole Sully
Storyteller:Morgan Brown

Name: Abigail Joanna Martinez

Creature Type: Sin-Eater

Current Location: Portland, OR

Position: Cell Member

Standing: Accord Status 4

Notable traits: Always seems to be wearing skulls. Is more comfortable hanging out with the dead than the living.

Geist: Moment.jpg

Publicly Known Information


Abigail started life as a studious child, always buried in books from the time she could read. Her parents weren't abusive, per say, more nonexistent to their youngest child. She grew in a family of doctors and nurses, unable to live up to many of their expectations. Through school, she was a dutiful student, excelling in her classes, enough so that when she turned sixteen, she was able to graduate high school, quickly making the motion to get emancipated and moved away from her family. She moved from a small town in New Jersey to New York, in hopes of a better chance at the college life she wanted. Her first four years of College were spent trying to get herself through the beginning of a medical license. She was in her last week of finals for first part of her Medical Examiner degree, when a series of late nights combined with heavy amounts of homework resulted in her falling asleep in the bathtub late one night and her drowning. Her bargain was made that night, finding herself attached to a Geist she called Constance.

She decided to go through with finishing her degree, finding herself naturally attuned to the dead now, unable to fully shake her own death. She continued school, going on to graduate from the program and go straight into her internship. She kept mostly to herself, trying her best not to come into contact with many people and avoiding the Underworld unless necessary. During this time, she made motion to move away from New York, deciding to head further south to Florida.

Once there, she found that things seemed strange. She came into contact with several bodies that had lost their lives to very strange things, things that couldn't be explained by her limited Supernatural knowledge. The first time she found a body that had died to an Abomination, she decided to dig even deeper into the oddities of the Truth, not knowing what she was really finding for a while. Finally, Abigail was approached by a member of the Accord, told that she had become a Believer and was offered the chance to fight back against the things that were taking, in her opinion, needless lives.


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  • "Sorry, is there anyway I can go to the morgue first? It's comforting. At least, moreso than the Underworld." [[Abigail Martinez]]
  • "I'm sorry, you'll have to repeat that. I think I had something stupid stuck in my ear."[[Abigail Martinez]]
  • "Gold, if you don't shut the fuck up, I'm going to get a blessed boot and shove it so far up your ass you taste Jesus!" [[Abigail Martinez]]
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Character Ties


Xander Belitrov
Carson Ward
Dorian Kitchens

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Out of Character Information

Accord PC

Player: Nicole Sully
Creature Type: Sin-Eater
City: Portland OR
VST: Morgan Brown

Player: Nicole Sully
Membership Number: US2014060063
Location: Olympia, WA
Other Characters: Molly Blackstone