Ablerto Domingo Alverez

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Domain: Puerto Rico

Character Information
Auspice: Unknown
Tribe: Unknown
City: Puerto Rico
Player: Kevin Hislop
Storyteller: [mailto: Kevin Hislop; Virtual Forsaken VST]

Notable Traits

  • Born: May 15th, 1990
  • Height: 5'11"
  • Dress Code: Usually a pair of jeans and a t-shirt or a jersey, usually for the mexico footbal team.
  • Appearance: Lip pierced as well as his right eyebrow.
  • Parents: Alejandro Alverez & Elena Alverez
  • Siblings: None<
  • Typically, smells like alcohol and smoke, usually from spending lots of time in his bar.
  • Personality: A nice guy with a constant smile, Alberto is always there as someone to speak to, whether joking around with individuals, flirting with cute girls, or being a confidant, as the bartender he is. But, if you pay real close attention to him, there is something about the look in his eyes, that looks like he is evaluating and plotting how he will deal with you, always feeling like a predator waiting to eat you up.
  • Property: Owns La Guarida De Los Lobos (Den of the wolves), a bar located at the edge of Rio Grande Pueblo. Used a gathering place for the local uratha/other shifters, which is closed off to the public while they are all there.
  • In Urshal he is a small 400lb red wolf.

Commonly Known

Real Name: Alberto Domingo Alverez

Deed Name: Unassigned(Feel free to make suggestions)

Nick Names:


Age: 23

Beast Form Info

  • Breed:The Pack
  • Species:Vargr
  • Accord:Sun Chaser
  • city:Incomplete
  • Respect:8
  • -Cleverness:2
  • -Ferocity:1
  • -Insight:1
  • -Loyalty:1
  • -Passion:3


  • Alejandro is a very young Uratha that barely knows anything about what they are.
  • Alejandro didn't know any of the oath of the moon before he started learning them from what some of the uratha in his bar have said.
  • Alejandro is a member of the Pure, just using his place as a way to plot against the newly arrived Forsaken.
  • Alejandro is an irraka, who is high in cunning renown and has learned how to change his markings to make people not realize this.

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OOC Information

Player: Kevin Hislop

MES #: US2005043260

Location: Phoenix, Arizona (AZ-010-D)

Player Email: