Abraham DuSable

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Character Information
Clan: Tremere
Sect: Camarilla
City: Milwaukee, WI
Player: GL ARST Masq CAI
Storyteller: GL ARST Masq CAI

This is a canon NPC from Chicago by Night WW2201 pp. 116-117 that has been checked out to the GL ARST Masq CAI.

copyright (1991) belongs to White Wolf, Chicago by Night, p. 117

Sire: Nicolai
Embrace: 1943
Residence: Milwaukee, WI
Acknowledged by Lodin
Confirmed as an Ancilla of the Camarilla
Loyal by Prince Vladimir Penzl
Noble by Primogen Carna of Milwaukee, WI

Notable Traits: tall, noble-looking black man in his 50s; gray-specked hair and glasses; dresses sharply, though a little out of date; carries a heavy silver-topped ebony walking stick; generally soft-spoken, but can boom like thunder when it's important

Information Known by Kindred Society

The information below is reasonably available to characters of the Masquerade Camarilla/Anarch/Independents continuity. Some subsections are marked as available knowledge only for certain groups of characters, and thus would not be known by every character.

Known by Kindred Society At Large

DuSable was a cultured and capable Chicago lawyer when his sire Nicolai found him during World War II. As he grew older, he became ever more embittered that even his education, breeding and intelligence couldn't overcome the realities of a segregated America, which was every bit as real in the cities of the North as it was in the Deep South, if hidden under a more "civilized" guise. When offered the embrace, he faked his death in a race riot. Shortly afterward, Nicolai took him to Vienna to learn more about the Clan Tremere and its place in the Camarilla. He was a solid citizen of Lodin's court as long as it lasted, and along with Tracy Graves and Carolyne Dubois, was among those who took refuge in nearby Milwaukee upon the Exodus of Chicago in 1994.

For further details about Abraham DuSable, see Chicago by Night WW2201 pp. 116-117 or e-mail the GL ARST Masq CAI.

Known by the Harpies

DuSable plays his hand very close to his chest. He is socially quite capable, but has never aimed for positions of authority in the Camarilla. Among Tremere, he has a remarkable presence, and his education makes him an interesting conversationalist at any Kindred function.

Known by the Clan Tremere

For details about Abraham DuSable's history and role in the Tremere of the Lakes-Missisippi Heartland, and especially in Chicago and Milwaukee, see the GL Tremere Guide.


Sire: Nicolai


  • Garwood Marshall (killed by Lupines at the Succubus Club in Chicago, 1993)


  • Carna keeps the younger DuSable on a tight leash, now that he lives in her city.
  • DuSable is the attache to Carna, who leads the Tremere in her area.
  • DuSable arranged for his sire Nicolai to "disappear" in 1993 (i.e, he went to Vienna and never came home).
  • DuSable always supported his sire publicly, but hated the privileged white kid (the Elder had the stature of a little boy) privately.

OOC Information

This character is a canon NPC checked out to the GL ARST Masq CAI. All OOC questions about this NPC and IC correspondence directed to the NPC should be directed to the GL ARST Masq CAI.