Abraham Simmons

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Requiem PC

Player: Steven Lan
Character: Abraham Simmons
Clan: Mekhet
Covenant: The Carthian Movement
Carthian Movement ••
Mekhet ••
Chicago 0 (just arrived)
Cadence ••
Masquerade ••
Requiem •••••
Domain: Chicago, IL Requiem
VST: Ben Jacobs

Sire: Unknown

Clan: Mekhet

Territory: newly arrived in Chicago, IL

Notable Traits:

• Despite being a large, burly man, Abraham often tends to somehow be easily overlooked.

Positions: None.

Information Known by Kindred Society

Carthian Movement.png

Abraham was Embraced sometime in the late 20th century in Madison, Wisconsin, by an Invictus Mekhet, who happened to be in an unusual coterie, consisting of several elder Kindred. After his Release, and some significant Boon trading, Abraham found his personal inclinations to be in line with the Carthian Movement, and joined that Covenant, against his Sire's wishes. The coterie, called the Silken Glove, was led by an Invictus Ventrue, but also contained a Carthian Daeva, an Invictus Mekhet, a Sanctified Gangrel, an Invictus Nosferatu of the Cockscomb Society, and another relatively neonate Carthian Ventrue. When his Sire, as well as the Gangrel and the Nosferatu were slain by mortal Hunters a few years ago, the coterie drifted apart. Since that time, he and two other members of the Silken Glove, Aidan Clarke and Jack Webb, have been debating where to relocate, to join the greater Danse Macabre. Recently, they decided on Chicago, and have just come to town, seeking Acknowledgement. As Abraham had only ever been exposed to the tiny handful of Kindred who made their Havens in Madison, and his Sire's coterie, he is looking forward to learning all he can about the wider world of Kindred politics, and Chicago seemed like the best bet for acquiring that knowledge.

Known Childer

None, and no intention of making one. Ever.

Known Carthian Movement Associates

Aidan Clarke
Jack Webb

Non Carthian Associates



• Abraham was actually a vampire hunter in his mortal life, and was Embraced because of his exceptional insight and natural intelligence.
• Abraham gets along just fine with members of all the Covenants, though he has yet to meet a member of the Circle of the Crone, and so knows of them only through stories.
• Abraham, being a relatively young Kindred, remains very much in touch with the modern world and technology.

Quotes by Abraham

• "No, no, no. Tinfoil COLLARS. The hats don't do anything. COLLARS."
• "It's not paranoia if they really are out to get you."

Quotes about Abraham

• "Abraham's a great guy. Sharp as a tack, and he notices everything. He'll be a force to be reckoned with, once he gets a bit more seasoned. Just don't get him started on governmental conspiracy theories. He'll go on for hours." -Aidan Clarke

OOC Information

Player: Steven Lan

MES Number: US2013... (I have to look it up)

Location: Chicago, IL Requiem