Abraham Tully

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Abraham Tully

What is Known

Tully finally stepped into his own spotlight in 1922, when his sire, Charlotte Bellamy, was killed for diablorie. Little is known publicly of his history before that, even how long she had him embraced.
Tully is known to have performed throughout the 20s and 30s alongside his friend and pianist Alex. The two performed in clubs and gin joints in all the expected cities, from New Orleans to Chicago. They parted ways before WW2.

Tully doesn't talk about WW2.

After the war, Tully popped up once more, this time part of a coterie calling themselves The High Rollers. Doc, Tully, and Hector ran pretty deep in those days. For almost a decade they had their way with every casino, billiard hall, and jazz club that would have them. Where they went, booze flowed and luck reigned supreme. But like all good things, this too had to end. The 50s saw and end to The High Rollers and they each, amicably, went their own way.

The 60s led Tully toward a new calling. A few chance encounters and some old contacts gave Tully all the resources he needed to forge a lucrative career as an Entertainment consultant and high paid vocal coach. What started as a lark, became the living work of his existence even into modern nights.


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  • Is actually Malkavian
  • Is actually Toreador
  • Is the brains behind over 200 hit singles
  • (Feel free to add)


  • "Him got da good chans of being fanmi, witout da madichon of bein blood." - Hebert Peltier
  • "That cat? I haven't seen him in a while. He's pretty a pretty swell guy. At least he was the last time I saw him." - James Harlan
  • "I seriously can't even explain it... alright, alright. You know those Asian cats that go karaoke in a bowtie? Imagine a dude getting up on stage light that, and then belting out Pavarotti like it's cool. Seriously... now that's the kind of people my man was producing on our world tour. Names? Nah, don't worry, you wouldn't believe me if I told you." - Calvin Ames
  • "Smug, infuriating bastard... thank you. From the bottom of my shriveled little heart." - Scarlett Thorne


OOC Information

Character Information
Clan: Daughters of Cacophony
Sect: Camarilla
City: Los Angeles, CA
Player: Joshua Harris
Storyteller: Mike Jackson

Player Name Joshua Harris

MES Number US2007101254

Location Los Angeles, CA